Wearing bracelets is simply fashionable and definitely trendy but wearing it with true meaning and major significance attached to it is just charming. Needless to say, i was really excited about reviewing these bracelets designed by cutey, a U.K based jewelry company. The fun part- They design really gorgeous bracelets with their clients in mind. With their huge collection, you get to remove and add beads or charms as you like based on your mood or outfit. Isn't that exciting? Now my thoughts on these 2 different bracelets:

Ordering Time? In all fairness, i moved shortly after i had mailed them my old address. Considering the fact that i had moved, changed my address on them and what not, the bracelet was delivered at my new address in record time and in excellent condition.

Packaging? Comes well protected. First in sealed wraps and then packaged nicely for mailing.

The Charming bracelet? This was actually my favorite of the two. It has a very heavy, high end luxurious feel and look to it. The lock is really firm and intact but easy to open if there is a need to add or remove charms.

The Shamballa bracelet? These were inspired by a mythical kingdom known as a place of happiness and i see it in the stones of the beads. Dressy, glittery and definitely so well secured you can easily tell by looking at it.

Durability? If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know. I traveled around with these bracelets. Took them everywhere with me. In my purse, in the car, lunch, dinners, photo shoots and more for a couple of weeks. Guess what? Not a stone turned, no loose strings and not a single bead fell out.

Styling It With Outfits? But if course. You will see how i get to feature these bracelets on up coming outfit posts. Knowing which works well with my various outfits will be fun to style.
All photos above were taken by me and below by William.

1. Love the quality and how well secured the bracelets are. I don't have to worry about charms or beads falling off anytime soon...or ever.

2. The inspiration behind the creation and names of the bracelets is beautiful and positive. Therefore adding an element of "feel good" when wearing them.

3. Love that is it dressy and the flexiblity of interchanging charms to suit your mood or outfit is just great.
1. Would have liked the Shamballa bracelet to have a variation in the size of the beads instead of one all through. Like how they come in different colors, maybe the beads could come in smaller sizes too.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.



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