Perfect Gorilla faux fur gilet
Every step i take, every hip move i make comes with a significance.  If anyone told me i would be up in the Rockies somewhere in Alberta, Canada today, i would be like, "Whaaaaaaa? Oh no honey.. Mmm mm." Because the die hard city girl in me with my city ways won't give in, but if geography gives you a location, then i guess i'm gonna make it work. Just like this outfit: City Sleek meets Canadian Rockies.

Looking casual in a patterned lycra top and a pair of denim pants, i wanted to spice up this look with the faux fur gorilla gilet. Bringing some of my city sparks and spunk to the rocky mountains, i finished off the look with a pair of shiny dancing boots.
Winter weather is what it is- AWFUL but here in Alberta, the party has just started. The more the snow, the merrier. It is time for skiing and every snow themed sports or event you can possibly think of but unfortunately, i don't do any of those. Rather, i choose to dance in the snow... And oh, by the way, i make my own rules too. With the snow blowing hard and strong, it worked out perfectly with my failed dance moves because i was just trying to dodge it the whole time. Hahaha. If life gives you lemons.....
           TOP: Vahdet Triko // DENIM PANTS: Target // FAUX FUR GORILLA GILET: Belle Du Jour // BOOTS: Bamboo

Photo credits: William C.

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