Déjà Vu

Perfect paperboy hat
In my time of blogging, I have never felt a bit uncomfortable but at the same time happy about sharing something that majority may not even see what the big deal is....But it kinda is. I mean really, how do you explain breaking into and warming up instantly to something....And this something, you immediately know you are going to have no matter what? You try it and not only, does it feel like it was meant just for you but it feels almost familiar- Déjà vu. Just like you have always imagined in your head, created and pictured but better. Yeah? 'Cause that's exactly what happened between this pair of shorts and I. You ask, "So why uncomfortable?" It was my little "head design" secret...Not anymore.

A few days before I found them, I had a vision of a pair exactly just like it. I mean the same high waisted shorts, exact length, fabric, similar prints...maybe not in the same color but I loved this color so much. This pair of shorts was my very own personal design....in my head. I had no clue I was going to walk right into it. I already knew how i wanted to style it even before i saw it in real life and everything else just fell into place. This whole look was inspired by an unused, unexploited, untouched and very resourceful stash of style creations I had only just thought of and tadaa!!
Perfect tartan shorts
No matter how i tried, these shoes by Kenneth Cole (Reaction) were perfect for the look i was going for.

On the day we shot these photos, we were supposed to have gone to the Calgary zoo. What zoo? The real zoo itself is right outside. Aaah, as usual, we had a deer step out for her photo shoot too. Hey, just another day in Alberta. I couldn't help but notice the color of my Mossimo sweater for Target matches the color of the deer too. I know, i am silly.

Here, i am wearing the charm bracelet from Cutey that i reviewed in my last post. Since i can remove the charms based on my mood and outfit, i took out the blue charms leaving just the silver.
This lovely paperboy hat by Dakine has every color i love and some i even have on my outfit. Love that it also adds a little mystery...

The fabric texture of each piece, especially the shorts is so comfortable, smooth, has a soft feel to it and is definitely gentle on the skin, it was no surprise to me that it was labelled- "Pure Virgin Wool". Coincidence or what?

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

All photos taken by William but edited by me.



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