I mean way back to a place so familiar yet it feels so distant. Where high neck, empire waist line and an A-lined maxi dress was a touch down. The history of fashion and the 70s era is always a joy to revisit. Just like any other thing, we can not all have the same taste in fashion. Some like it contemporary while others are bell bottoms happy and in love with vintage. But I tell you now, styles have been revisited over and over again. Some modernized and others recycled. I have a special place in my heart for vintage fashion and because naturally with me, I try to keep things fun and exciting on the blog by showcasing some of my "wild side".

This dress is a simple cut but the empire waist with the high neck which accentuates the body, making me look lean and tall makes is quite interesting. Love the patterns and sleeves. The maxi A-lined style was popular and considered casual back in the seventies because of it comfy factor. Without taking away from this unique dress, i decided on barely accessorizing. Besides, it gives you little room for that which I like but i included the stockings because, let's just stay i am in love with the colored stockings trend this winter.

So while visiting the Heritage Park in Calgary, Canada's largest living historical village, I knew I had to take some photos in order to capture some of its vintage feels. Well, let me just say we tried...
                                VINTAGE MAXI DRESS: Arpeggio Missy Petite // HEELS: Aldo
Thank you all so  much for reading. Kindly let me know your thoughts.


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