Perfect Dermagist Scar System For Acne Prone Skin Reveiw
Well, hi there pretty people! Hope everyone is having or had a great weekend. Before i even go into today's post, i would like to remind us all some of us are really not born with perfect skin. Oh yeah, nobody is perfect. Therefore, we have to work hard at keeping it from getting out of control. I for one, i have a very aggressive fore head. Meaning? I tend to break out on my forehead more than any other part of my face. You too? (Sigh of relief). Phew, glad we got that out of the way. Well, i was given the opportunity to review any Dermagist product i was interested in and of course, i picked The Scar System For Acne Prone Skin. It is supposed to fade dark spots caused by acne- It targets the improvement of bumps, holes, and uneven texture of acne-caused scars, while soothing discoloration, redness and bruising with Collaxyl®, Rosa Mosqueta, Glycolic Acid, Acai Berry, Niacinamide, Asafetida and Resveratrol.  Really? Fancy! Let's find out:

Be warned, this picture of the breakout and black heads on my forehead is a little too graphic it might make your fore head itch. It was taken December, 2013 before i started applying The Scar System For Acne Prone Skin by Dermagist. If you notice my skin is a little extra dry from the weather because every time i broke out, i would apply very little moisturizer not to irritate it some more. 
1. It comes as a pair: The bottle containing the Detoxifying Cleanser with Resveratrol is an oil-free cleanser that exfoliates dead skin cells and removes excess oil. While the little jar which contains the Scar Cream with Acai Berry Extracts is for evening skin tone, softening and smoothing the appearance of scars.

2. Application Instructions: Twice daily. So I would do this every morning after i take a shower and right before i go to bed at night.

With the Detoxifying Cleanser, very little goes a long way.

Just to demonstrate what my daily ritual looked like, these photos of course were taken last night. This is after using the products for a month and some. According to the instructions, the Detoxifying Cleanser has to be applied on a moistened face. I like that it lathers pretty well.

Same with the Scar Treatment Cream, just a little bit was all i needed for the whole face.

3. Texture: The Cream feels so nice and creamy which makes it so easy to blend into the skin very quickly.

4. Side Effects: After applying the products for a while, i felt a tingly slight burn on my cheek bone area but very mild.

5. Results: Pictures with no filter never lie. They speak louder than words. As you can see from the photos below, it worked. I used the products twice daily for 2-3 weeks consistently and started seeing results but once every other day after i felt the tingle on my cheek bones for a about a month and a half.
                                                             TOP PHOTO TAKEN  BEFORE USING DERMAGIST
                                                      BOTTOM PHOTO TAKEN AFTER USING DERMAGIST

I noticed, not only has it helped fade the scars  a bit, it also adds an extra glow to my skin while it moisturizes it.
6. Price: Its original price is $179 (US Dollars) but they have a savings special going on. Also, if you are interested in winning a $200 shopping spree sweepstakes run by Dermagist every month, you can enter on their website here.

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Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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