How many outfits have you seen yourself feel your happiest in when you wear them? So happy it makes you bounce a little when you walk. Yeah, the "giddyup" dance walk. I always want my days to be filled with sunshine. Even though i love waking up to it, i do try my best to incorporate it into my attitude and my outfits. I recall how i tried taking that attitude to work with me everyday. Guess what happened?

Well, let's just say this is how a few of my conversations with some of my customers at work went. This was with a random guy who was my guest at a restaurant where i worked at, back in my days as a waitress in Maryland, USA:

Me: Hello, how are you?
Random guy (Guest): Hi
Me: May i start you off with a cup of coffee?
Random Guy (Guest): Yes, please.
Me: Here is your coffee.
Random Guy (Guest): Thank you. So i didn't catch your name. What is your name?
Me: My name is Sunshine.

Random Guy (Looking puzzled but smiling): Reeeaally?

Me (Giggling like an idiot): Yes. Why? Does it sound weird?

It was easy to do that every now and then with new customers because we didn't wear name tags but it was very hard for me to keep a straight face, especially after i see their reactions. Like i once had one of my regular guests hear me and she just started laughing out loud at her table. But guess what people? He smiled and so did somebody else. That is the whole point. Truth be told, it wasn't the best job but the pleasant customers made it worth my day. They are missed.

Well this outfit does it for me. I wore it on a bright sunny day while in Calgary a while ago. It pretty much consists of some of my favorite things- Stripes, colors and leather.

What outfits are you your happiest in? If you know, stick with it. If you don't keep trying out new things until you find your first love.

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STRIPED SWEATER: Jones New York // PANTS: Ardene //  COAT: Black Rivet //  HEELS: Sam & Libby for Target // BRACELET: Chuck-Chucks

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Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.


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