Perfect plaid outfit
Whoa! See who went to HiCustom to customize a shirt? I had the chance to customize any of their products on HiCustom and after deliberating on what to customize, i thought, hey, why not have my blog name on a shirt.

At first i was a little hesitant but i realized 99.99% of advertising anything these days, especially blogs is of course through the internet. A large portion of that percentage is through the almighty social media and that can be extremely time consumimg. What about the days i am busy out and about and can't always be in front of the computer? I decided it was time to step outside my comfort zone. Time to be bold and open up some more about what i love doing by starting locally first. So i took The Fashion Stir Fry out to the real world with the hope that it will have some sort of positive effect on my blog on the long run. I mean why do all this hard work in vain, right?

So who did me the honor to test drive my blog out there? HiCustom!!

Love the quirkiness of this site packed with tons of fun ideas and designs. They have mugs, phone cases, hats and more. The shirt arrives, i pulled it out to check the quality. It is 100% cotton and i was really pleased. Tried it on immediately but out of excitement, i spilled some coffee on it. Oh well straight to the washer. It came out looking good! Paired it with some tartan on tartan to start.

Would you be willing to wear your blog name on your shirt out in public?
Perfect cutomized t-shirt
TARTAN JACKET: Suzy // TARTAN PANTS: Vexy // CUSTOMIZED SHIRT: HiCustom // PUMPS: Sam & Libby for Target

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Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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