If i got a nickle for every earring i have lost starting from my childhood to date, i would be stretched out on the beach some where on my very own island sipping on some coconut juice....and i don't even like coconut. Well, everything starts to look and taste better when it is fully paid for, especially a life time vacay. Anyway, yes, it was really that bad. Don't believe me? Call my mom. Looking back now, she was very patient with me because i would always come back home with either one earring missing or both. Even when i was lucky, i came home without the back locks of the earrings. Ugh! I just couldn't win.

When i had the opportunity to collaborate with Dama LuxLock, i knew this was going to be fun, knowing my luck with locks.

I love when a product is in the mail like right now. I mean come on, excitement level only gets higher after hitting a check out button, right?  It really was that quick and it came in a nicely padded envelope but most of all for me, was the packaged case the locks were in.

I was sent a 14K gold LuxLock which was so adorable but get this, they included a silver pair of earrings with cubic zerconia and a silver pair of LuxLock which is what you will see me wearing in the photos. The earrings do not automatically come with any of  the locks purchased. It was a very sweet surprise and may i just say a perfect Valentine's Day gift for any girl! Thank you LuxLock!! The beauty of it, is i like to mix silver and gold which makes styling it so versatile. Can't wait!!

A dainty piece with so much luxury and comfort speaks so much class and i just love it. Even better, is knowing my earrings are well secured while i enjoy my day. You even start to feel it lock as you push in the earrings and it doesn't jam the skin of your ears to the earrings like so many other locks do.  If you are not convinced yet, then watch this video.

Tune in for more LuxLock videos. You can find out more on LuxLock updates here. Thinking of what to get your wife, girlfriend, mom or daughter for Valentine's Day? Look no further. Get them this beautiful and very classy piece that will give you both some security, comfort and peace of mind for a very long time.

I was wearing  a silver pair of earrings with cubic zerconia and a silver pair of LuxLock which can be found here and here

Thank you all so much for reading. Now your comments.

All photos by me.


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