When you have the best of both worlds all in one place then you know I have got to be talking about the Devonian Gardens in Calgary. I needed a bit of a change of scenery anyway from the mountain view and four walls of our hotel room, so going to Devonian Gardens for a stretch was a great idea. Whose brilliant idea was it to have a shopping mall attached to a breathtaking indoor park filled with tropical plants and natural lights? Because it is genius and it works. People sat in the garden areas having lunch, reading or both. Perfect spot to unwind and be inspired. It was beautifully located on the top most level of a 4 level building, so you know we tried to visit every floor.

In my "Canadian Tuxedo" - Denim on denim, I stepped out into the chilly weather but not without a yellow ruffled high neck top and purple wedges as i channel my inner Spring mood. For denim lovers like me, I predict the denim on denim will continue to trend this Spring and I look forward to the many colorful ways we get to wear it.

              DENIM JACKET: B.U.M // DENIM PANTS: Streewear Society // SHOES: Madeline

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DEVONIAN GARDENS DEVONIAN GARDENS Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 2/26/2014 Rating: 5
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