perfecy brunch outfit
This was definitely one of those yucky weather days when you want to sleep in and just be. So we did. By the time we woke up, it was already late in the  morning and we were starving. We decided to go to one of our favorite spots for some brunch even though the snow was slowly coming down but kinda flaky. I thought it was an opportunity to brighten up an already dull, chilly day by wearing some colors. I built my look around the super soft, feel good burgundy leggings sent to me by Persunmall. Love how they elongate my legs and totally feel like second skin. They are really so slimming, i feel right at home in them. Paired it with the colorful high neck printed top to accentuate my neck and shoulders, giving me a lean, tall, look all together. My yellow jacket is definitely not considered a winter jacket  but i couldn't resist the fact that it adds some extra pop to the outfit.

While we were eating, something struck me, a cute couple sitting across from us looked like they had just rolled out of bed and giggled their way to the restaurant for a quick bite before going back to being so in love and oh so giddy again. They were obviously so smitten by each other. I smiled and looked away almost immediately. To me, they reminded me of what I already know, that your imperfection is definitely beauty and love is a powerful thing. Aaah, when you reach that stage in a relationship where you don't have to sneak off to the washroom to do a touch up on hair and face like i used to do...But you can both confidently wake up in the morning looking like a hot mess and genuinely see each other as the most beautiful piece of work that ever existed, that is love.

Love is happiness and happiness is where the heart is...or maybe having breakfast together at noon. 
perfect burgundy leggings
Perfect multicolored top
                JACKET: Rivet Black // TOP: MicMac // LEGGINGS: Persunmall // BOOTS: Planisphere

Photos taken by: William C.
Photo editing by: Me

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