perfecy brunch outfit
This was definitely one of those yucky weather days when you want to sleep in and just be. So we did. By the time we woke up, it was already late in the  morning and we were starving. We decided to go to one of our favorite spots for some brunch even though the snow was slowly coming down but kinda flaky. I thought it was an opportunity to brighten up an already dull, chilly day by wearing some colors. I built my look around the super soft, feel good burgundy leggings sent to me by Persunmall. Love how they elongate my legs and totally feel like second skin. They are really so slimming, i feel right at home in them. Paired it with the colorful high neck printed top to accentuate my neck and shoulders, giving me a lean, tall, look all together. My yellow jacket is definitely not considered a winter jacket  but i couldn't resist the fact that it adds some extra pop to the outfit.

While we were eating, something struck me, a cute couple sitting across from us looked like they had just rolled out of bed and giggled their way to the restaurant for a quick bite before going back to being so in love and oh so giddy again. They were obviously so smitten by each other. I smiled and looked away almost immediately. To me, they reminded me of what I already know, that your imperfection is definitely beauty and love is a powerful thing. Aaah, when you reach that stage in a relationship where you don't have to sneak off to the washroom to do a touch up on hair and face like i used to do...But you can both confidently wake up in the morning looking like a hot mess and genuinely see each other as the most beautiful piece of work that ever existed, that is love.

Love is happiness and happiness is where the heart is...or maybe having breakfast together at noon. 
perfect burgundy leggings
Perfect multicolored top
                JACKET: Rivet Black // TOP: MicMac // LEGGINGS: Persunmall // BOOTS: Planisphere

Photos taken by: William C.
Photo editing by: Me

Thank you all for reading. Now Your comments.


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HAPPINESS IS... HAPPINESS IS... Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 2/07/2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Fantastic fresh colours! Have a nice day :-)

Unknown said...

Can't say how much I love that you bring so much spring into the winter time! The colors and your smile are perfect!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I agree completely with everything you said doll...you look wonderful. I hope you have a great weekend :) xx

nerline said...

Your smile is one of your best accessories. I love how you do colors!

Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing vitaminic colors..... I love your yellow trench coat!!!!!!!!!!!
You look fab Busola!!!
Happy friday doll!!!!

Unknown said...

this colors are so vitaminc that makes me happy!
lovely look Busola!

ciao ciao

esosandra said...

Love everything about this look. So cheerful.

Pooja Mittal said...

I like it when I see those new couples , there sweet lovey dovey acts..
But yes, the real love is to love each other as we are the real self..
I like how your leggings stick to you and make your legs look even more toned
Keep in touch

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

What a great powerful outfit, your pictures are alway so amazing

Unknown said...

lovely colors....thanks for those words you shared on my blog .You so sweet

Unknown said...

Molto colorato questo look! Like it!

Jackie Harrison said...

You sure know how to combine and look fabulous always very well put together and gorgeous. Have a great weekend doll.

Lubka Henry said...

oh my, the leggings look really amazing on you!
Love is happiness - I totally agree with you ❤

Lu. www.balgarka.co.uk

Unknown said...

Nice style!

Unknown said...

Haha, I love that sorta young couples :D I wish I was like that sometime :D
Love your outfit. Like a piece of summer in the middle of snow :)
Have a lovely weekend :)
x, Lara

Unknown said...

Followed you on Instagram :)

fungi said...

you look amazing! love ur top :)


tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

yellow+red is a fantastic mix! nice look
I posted a new article, I'd love to know your opinion
would you like to pass from my blog?

Unknown said...

Oh My! I'm surprised the snow didn't melt when you wore that outfit!
How cold is it in your hood?
This outfit is pure sunshine, we need more of those around here, TG, I'm here!

True about what you say about love - You should us in the morning,hahaha! but we think we are the best thing that happened to each other!


Have a great weekend


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

Hi busola!! What a bold and fabulous outfit, I love the color combination!!!

Corinne said...

What a brilliant outfit! The colours are fab and I am in love with that yellow coat! I need to get myself a yellow one.

Corinne x

Candy Crow said...

When some one is head over heals in live, they look beautiful to the other person even if they look super messy. That jacket is one killer. You have beautiful legs you can carry out ant legging gorgeously.

Keep in touch,

Unknown said...

These colours would totally brighten any one's day. I love the background of your photos, I realize extremes of temperature are not usually fun but the snow looks great in this photo.

Unknown said...

i love the way you mix and match colours.
you look fab.


the chilicool said...

Great color look!

Mary Stackhouse said...

You are so cute, Busola! Always look like you are having so much fun. Love your little bag. Need a cross body like that in black!

x, Mary


Mary Stackhouse said...

And always enjoy your bold color choices! xx


your energy is so good, i haven't been able to go outside its so cold here.. nice leggings
here is my new post http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2014/02/purple-coat-transparent-styled-blouse.html

Sam said...

You are a breath of fresh invigorating air in the mist of all this snow, this look so so beautifully bright, the coat is fantastic! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

June said...

You look so bright pretty and happy! I love your smile :) Looking good!!

Unknown said...

Super gorgeous outfit Busola! Love those burgundy pair of leggings from Persunmall. You paired them perfectly with that yellow coat. Beautiful!

xo, Alina

mispapelicos said...

Just stunning.
Happy weekend, Busola

Effortlesslady said...

You look great with these colors. Love the tights.

Tanja S. said...

These pictures are totally amazing, love how you still wear colors even if it's snowing!

FabulousPerks said...

Love how you mixed yours colors. I especially love that jacket.


Unknown said...

This post was beyond adorable, it made me think of me and my fiancé when you described the couple you saw at the restaurant :) Of course, you look totally gorgeous too!

By the way, I followed your blog and can't wait to read more of your posts! Come and visit my blog when you have a moment :)


Unknown said...

This post is amazing Busola
I cant read english very well, but your pictures express happiness, I always like your blog by this touching of positive emotions! Very nice colors and you have a very nice body, look sexy without coat :)
Kisses doll


Diary of a Debutante said...

Bright, fun, chic, and cozy! LOVE this outfit! Another winner.

Diary of a Debutante

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you so much! I just love colors.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

That means a lot. Thank you :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thanks Kizzyy. Glad you do!

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Wow, that is so sweet :). Aww, thank you so much!

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you Paola :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Hahaha, thank you so much :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

I try :)). Thanks a lot!

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Love is a beautiful thing and always nice to see couples so in love. Thank you Pooja.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you so much. Aww, William is great with the camera.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

My pleasure :). Thank you dear.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thanks a lot Marina :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

So nice of you. Thank you Jackie!

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you Lubka. Sure is. I really hope everyone gets a chance to experience it,

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Hahaha, you are so sweet! Currently living in the rocky mountains of Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. The mecca of snow storm :)). It has waaaay below freezing this past week. Brutal but we are survivng.

Aww i bet you two are the cutest :).

Ivana Split said...

That is one of the sweetest definitions of love that I have ever read:) Really:) aren't those fresh in love couples so sweet?

Now, about the outfit. Who says we cannot wear colours in winter? To me there is nothing more gorgeous then a colourful outfit in the winter. As you said, it is a perfect way of brightening up doll weather. But it is not only abundance of colour that I like about your outfit. That coat looks so chic with those leggings and especially on that one photograph from the back you can see what a lovely silhouette this combo creates! and that flower print!

Having seen all the photographs, suddenly I got this comic book hero reference in my head. Maybe because of the leggings? or the dynamics on some on these photos? Either way, you look so cool :) wonder women kind of cool:)

Putri Valentina said...

Your color outfit look so fresh , i love it :D




Martyna Grala said...

I love your outfut :)

Adela said...

You are rocking this outfit girl! Love the coat. That'll be good for spring too:)
Adela x


Elle said...

Love those bright colors against the winter snow. You look radiant,
I agree about love, want a sweet commentary,
XX, Elle


dim_3fs said...

Gorgeoaus photos!!! In love with this bright outfit!


Unknown said...

very very nice my dear!!!! beautiful!!!


Dee Mako said...

love definitely makes one happy...love this look so much...yellow is my favorite colour


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