Perusanmall sweater
Being a style blogger comes with some perks and definitely some werks. Perks in this case, is collaborating with Persunmall. Saw this sweater on their website and this pair of lace front leather pants and i just thought of so many ways to style each piece. On my first attempt here was to pair both together. My love for texture mix continues... Plus I love prints and leather. Being a printed baggy sweater, i needed to pair it with something slimming from the waist down and of course the leather pants were just perfect. The beauty of this pair of leather pants is how it can be worn both during the day and at night without feeling overwhelmed by the lace. I decided to show you a daytime look today. The sweater was warm  and comfy enough for a nice sunny day in Calgary. Perfect day to discover more of this gorgeous city. Hopped in the car and drove around the city.  

As we slowly transition into Spring, i thought the pants will be a perfect transitioning piece.

Don't you think?

Well, as for the werks, i sometimes have to rely on my tripod and my "talented" self to shoot outfit posts when William is unavailable. A lady walking her dog was passing by and offered to help. So i offered to hold her dog while she snapped and that was how Matt the dog ended up being my muse of the day. Such a good sport he was. She took the first top and last photos. I am sure you can tell the difference. Thank you Matt and the sweet lady!! You did a great job. I had fun!

FYI: I am i usually scared of dogs but i had be cool, calm and collected for the shots. PHEW!!!
                SWEATER: Persunmall // LEATHER STITCHING LACE LEG PANTS: Persunmall // BOOTS: Aldo   


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