Perusanmall sweater
Being a style blogger comes with some perks and definitely some werks. Perks in this case, is collaborating with Persunmall. Saw this sweater on their website and this pair of lace front leather pants and i just thought of so many ways to style each piece. On my first attempt here was to pair both together. My love for texture mix continues... Plus I love prints and leather. Being a printed baggy sweater, i needed to pair it with something slimming from the waist down and of course the leather pants were just perfect. The beauty of this pair of leather pants is how it can be worn both during the day and at night without feeling overwhelmed by the lace. I decided to show you a daytime look today. The sweater was warm  and comfy enough for a nice sunny day in Calgary. Perfect day to discover more of this gorgeous city. Hopped in the car and drove around the city.  

As we slowly transition into Spring, i thought the pants will be a perfect transitioning piece.

Don't you think?

Well, as for the werks, i sometimes have to rely on my tripod and my "talented" self to shoot outfit posts when William is unavailable. A lady walking her dog was passing by and offered to help. So i offered to hold her dog while she snapped and that was how Matt the dog ended up being my muse of the day. Such a good sport he was. She took the first top and last photos. I am sure you can tell the difference. Thank you Matt and the sweet lady!! You did a great job. I had fun!

FYI: I am i usually scared of dogs but i had be cool, calm and collected for the shots. PHEW!!!
                SWEATER: Persunmall // LEATHER STITCHING LACE LEG PANTS: Persunmall // BOOTS: Aldo   


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fungi said...

cute sweater!!!! I'm scared of dogs too, I dnt think I can be calm standing close to any :/


Ivana Split said...

the pants really are the perfect transition piece! they're very sexy but in a more subtle way then the shorts would be. Fabulous boots as well! That sweater has a really lovely pattern.

You look great! the dog is adorable!

Anonymous said...

everything you put on you look amazing ! i wish i could say the same haha !
brilliant pictures and cute dog :)
Melissa x
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Paola Lauretano said...

Youa are so sexy!!!!!
I love you sweater and these leggings are amazing!!!!
Cute dog!!!!!
Happy sunday, my dear fashion friend!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Lovely pants! Kiss

Pooja Mittal said...

Collaborating with persunmall is surely a park , I look forward to it very month.. As far as shooting with tripod, it's such a pain.. U got lucky plus matt look so cute sitting in the pics
Love love your pants,
Happy weekend

Unknown said...

Hi Busola,

cute experience with the dog. :-) You have nice photos and I like your sexy outfit.


Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful boots!
I saw that leggings and i was wondering in whos body gonna look great :)

Unknown said...

you did it again girl hahaha.i'd definetely say NEVER to this leggings but you actually manage to look so great and cool.I'D look so dull in this.love your boots too
Style Of OzOz
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Jackie Harrison said...

You so right PersunMall web store have amazing items you look gorgeous great pick but I must said that the dog is stealing the show beautiful pup. Enjoy your Sunday.

Unknown said...

Great shoot! I love the sweater and those boots!
Lovely dog, I love dogs! now I think getting someone to take your photos "patiently" :) is about the most difficult thing about being a style blogger.

Missymayification said...

That sweater is everything - Its GOOD!! The woman and her dog sure did a great job, lol!! Busola, you look great. I like everything about this outfit. :-)


Unknown said...

oh the sweater is adorable!:) you look gorgeous!♥


Elle said...

Love the sweater and leather shorts + the boots are fantastic. Love the dog too, I think you have a great system here,
XX, Elle

Imogen said...

You look stunning. I adore your top. I always feel inspired by your looks.

Pinkoolaid said...

You look fabulous dear! I love your outfit and the dog looks so well behaved and beautiful <3


Unknown said...

You look really nice Busola+lucky gal :-)
Cute dog, btw:)
Have a splendid week!!

Unknown said...

My oh my, you look amazing! Those tights are so sexy and edgy. Love this look on you Busola!


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

ah ah ah OMG I can't believe how you've got thes pictures!! I love that sweater!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

nerline said...

You look beautiful as usual

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Fantastic look doll, love the top and the dog is oh so sweet!! I hope you have a great week xx

Unknown said...

Those pants are amazing and so is the sweater.
I am terrified of dogs and really think you are so brave.

Margaret Dallospedale said...

You look amazing sweetie!!!!
This combo is so stylish
The Indian Savage Diary

Unknown said...

you look good, lovely sweater.

Unknown said...

the look makes me crazy, love it so much
the boots are really to die for


The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Hahaha, you and i girl. I was trying to stay still. He was such a sweet dog though.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you so much :). You are so right about the pants. I am glad we are both on the same page :)).

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Oh Melissa, you are so sweet and so modest. I am sure you look stunning in anything :). Thanks a lot.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you Paola darling. It means a lot :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thank you so much Marina :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Persunmall is a really nice store. I really don't mind a tripod at all. That way i don't have to be a pain to anyone :). The dog was such a cutie. Thank you Pooja :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Thanks a lot Katherine :)

Sam said...

Thats so cute that the dog is part of your photo shoot, he's beautiful (although I am scared of them too) Your printed sweater is so jazzy and uplifting. The leggings are super unique, looks amazing on you hun

Sandra Leiva said...

Great boots!!!



Lenya said...

What a gorgeous dog!!!!! He/she is beautiful!!!! Glamorous outfit Busola!!! You look absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!!!
kisses darling

Mary Stackhouse said...

Busola, I realllly like those leather pants. Those are super hot, and they look great on you! Nice post.

x, Mary


Mary Stackhouse said...

Beautiful dog, by the way!

Coco Colo said...

Oh, the dog is so cute :)
Great Jumper!


Natalie Renee said...

hot! love the leggings and boots!
xo Natalie @ www.littletoomuch.net

Unknown said...

The leggings are dope! Love them with the boots x

Unknown said...

Lovely sweater and leggings, beautiful photos too! you look amazing! i'm indifferent about dogs but they dont scare me

C.DOTZ said...

Your new outfit is adorable! I love how you mixed the leather with the printed sweater! Matt the dog is pretty cute as well. Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle

Cara said...

cute :) sweater and love the dog! im afraid too i can so relate..but the dog looks adorable

Andy said...

So sexy and yet very classy, great choice :)

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