Perfect Kidogo Kidogo iPhone Case
It is no news to my regular readers that i have moved quite a bit and Maryland, USA happens to be the first place i moved to well over a decade ago. Moving there gave me the chance to own my first mobile phone ever! I remember the first call i made was to my mom back home in Nigeria. Oh, you should have seen the the excitement on both ends when i called her. She laughed and was certainly happy to hear my voice on regular basis. That little darling was with me through it all- Capturing every moment  i could not share with loved ones. It was really more than just a mobile phone to me. Having a mobile phone has become one of my priced possessions to date. I also recall the first set of friends i made when i first got there were a group of this lovely Tanzanian family. They were just a bunch of exceptionally nice friends who reached out on their own and treated me like a sister from day one. Even after we all moved on with life pretty quickly, i never forget people like that.

Giving back is something that i really wish i could be better at but i know a company that has used one of today's most cutting edge technology in slowly achieving that- Kidogo Kidogo.  This is a company that designs very fashionable mobile phone cases that care. How? Well, from every purchase of an iPhone case made, it  provides a woman in Tanzania a mobile phone. It was established by two well traveled and extensively educated sisters, Kim and Kristen Waeber. With their brilliant working experiences and very impressive portfolios, their dream is for mobile technology to reach women across Tanzania and change lives for the better. Oh by the way, did i also mention they were undergrads at the University Of Maryland which was just right up my street where i lived? All these coincidences and first time moments are priceless.

The iPhone cases came in the mail within record time, packed in a lovely pull string purse made with Ankara fabric as seen below. "Asante" means Thank you in Swahili, a language spoken by Tanzanians.
Perfect Kidogo Kidogo iPhone Case

Here i am today, sharing these moments with you all photoed with one of the very stylish Kidogo Kidogo iPhone cases which goes perfectly well with my Moda International Sweater Dress.
Photos were shot by a mini waterfall called Oshaughnessy Falls, right along the roads of Kananaskis Village in Alberta.
perfect little white dress
perfect little white sweater dress

SWEATER DRESS: Moda International // HEELS: Spring // iPhone 5s CASE: Kidogo Kidogo // BRACELET: Cutey

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Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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Chrissie aus der edelfabrik said...

Love the polish on you nails - and all the rest too!!! :)

Greets from the EDELFABRIK

Lenya said...

Honey as always you look absolutely darling!!! Great post BTW! That's such a lovely dress and your heels are awesome. And by the look at the backdrop and seeing you wearing those peep toes I am shivering. Busola you are one brave fashionista darling!!! Love that case and will check out their site.
kisses darling and get yourself some hot cocoa ;-)

Jackie Harrison said...

Gorgeous my friend very chic is that dress and elegant.

Natalie Renee said...

what a unique and gorgeous sweater dress! I love the fuzzy texture

XO Natalie @

Unknown said...

That is such a lovely case and I love the initial behind production!


Love your nail polish, you always look amazing, love that dress and necklace, :)
Your photos are always amazing. It's been really chilly in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

In love with that amazing dress!!!!


Jessica Rose said...

Great dress...although you do look a little cold!!

Unknown said...

Great post Busola. I havent heard about it yet. The purpose of by bussiness aktivity I like. Your outfit fits perfect too, I love your style.

nerline said...

I love the look. Beautiful!

Pooja Mittal said...

Well mobile phone is so etching that has become a necessity.. I still remember my first phone..
I really like the phone cases look amazing..
This is my fav look of yours
Keep in touch

Adriana Carmen said...

cute dress!

Missymayification said...

That sweater dress is everything!! Very pretty and the phone case is lovely. Great post hun!!

Unknown said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Love the dress and that smile is priceless. Loving those peep-toe b/w pumps too hun. Beautiful as usual!!! xoxo

Natasha B of

Unknown said...

Your dress looks great :) A cute iPhone case, too and love the charity aspect, it's actually great! I will def buy one from them as soon as I upgrade my iPhone, I have 3Gs atm ;D
Lara Lizard

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Gorgeous!!!! love love love the look! and blue nail polish? not red?-YES! YOU NAIL IT!

Unknown said...

The case and you...such an adorable combination. I love the dress you're wearing Busola. Simply gorgeous!

xo, Alina

Pinkoolaid said...

love your dress and the phone case design looks cute

Unknown said...

You look amazing! That dress looks so gorgeous on you... i love the case too..

PS: i nominated you for a liebster award:


Unknown said...

Lovely smile!
I really like those cover!
xoxo from Doha
Facebook Page Bonjourchiara
Bloglovin Bonjourchiara

Paola Lauretano said...

You are so chic in white.... lovely dress!!!!
Have a fab end of the week!!!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You look wonderful doll...gorgeous dress & I love the phone case too. Am happy you have it to call home..beautiful!! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend xx

Fashion Lover said...

Beautiful outfit!! I love your dress!



wow so cute..

dim_3fs said...

Wow you look gorgeous!!! Love your dress!

Lubka Henry said...

What a great story!
It's really amazing how from iPhone cases, that are able to help. Very inspiring indeed!
The only problem for me, is that I'm not an iPhone user, so I have no chance to take part of the movement. I hope they will increase the variety of phone they offer cases for. :)


Candy Crow said...

Dear you look like one angel in that dress, the case is super cool.

Sam said...

Aww the story about you calling your mum for the first time is so sweet. You look so elegant dear, its a beautiful dress. I enjoyed reading your opinion on my last post...Good wishes for the weekend!

Unknown said...

Oh Busola was surprised to see the title as you know I'm originally from Tanzania and I speak swahili lol :) A couple of other people from Eastern Africa speak it too like Kenyans, Ugandans and some people from rwanda and burundi. I believe some South Africans and speak it as well even though not as Fluent. I am intrigued what a wonderful project, the cases are so cute :) Now to your outfit, you look adorable doll, love the cozy sweater it fits you like a glove and the nail color compliment the phone case :) Looking beautiful as always love xoxo Dee

letiziabarcelona said...

lovely outfit!
what a gorgeous dress!

Secure In Style said...

I’ve chosen this to be one of my “What I Love” looks for this week. I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog today.


Unknown said...

Lovely outfit, the dress is perfect, and beautiful pics! Kisses from Barcelona :)

Visit -->

Unknown said...

You look incredibly stunning. What a great dress.

Emilie said...

You look amazing in white!!! Really amazing! And you're one of the 'real fashion people' that have bare legs in the middle of winter haha! Bravo! :) xxx

Unknown said...

you look breathtaking in this :) thank you for the sweetest comment in my post <3

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Oh my gosh... you look stunning!!!!
I love your dress honey
The Indian Savage Diary

Mag KP said...

Great dress, I like your style :)

by Emmanuella said...

you look so lovely and elegant, really nice!

Effortlesslady said...

What a beautiful dress! You look stunning.

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