Coat dress styled with over the knee boots
If i had the power to stop time for just a quick second so i can catch up with everything else i feel i may have missed out on, i don't think i will have the chance to appreciate the beauty of having dreams. Right? Obviously, i can not and you know what that means- Life goes on and i just have to keep chasing those dreams.

While trying to keep myself busy doing that and other fun things such as, testing my new camera remote, so very often do i find myself driving. I tend to throw my jacket in the backseat of the car a lot because it either gets too warm or i just need more arm movement while controlling the steering. As fate would have it, SammyDress sent me this cute mini dress coat that happens to be of great help. First of all, i have always loved the idea of a dress coat, whether long or short. I think it is just too cute, especially with the pleats on the waistline, cute little bows from top to bottom, fluffy embelished sleeves, warm and chic enough to wear from sunrise to sunset without wanting to take it off. I drive wearing it all day running in and out of places and it feels so comfortable. With that lovely watermelon red color, the ladylike feel to it and all the cuteness it brings, it was impossible not to feel so sweet in it. 

Fun Facts:
Regular Mailing Time: Being international mail to Canada it took 3 weeks.
Price: Perfect for every girl especially if you are on a budget.
Quality: Impressive for the price.
Fits &Size: I usually wear a small size but i like most of  my jackets one size bigger. So i am wearing a medium here.
Coat dress styled with over the knee boots
Coat dress styled with over the knee boots
Coat dress styled with over the knee boots


Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.


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