Perfect striped sweater
If you have an undying love for a black and white mix but more so with some character, then you get that my love for stripes has no boundaries. Typically, wearing these two classic colors is often easy to style but stripes add so much creativity level and fun to the look. So what does a girl like me do? I decided to go all the way.

You and i know, stripes are classic prints. So are the colors black and white, but did you also know they are timeless fashion statements? Okay, even if i made that up, they sure might as well be. You are sure to stand out in a crowd pretty quickly when worn with matching pieces like i did here. Seriously, this extreme cold weather is really not my thing but if i can find a way of getting stylish and creative with my outfits, i will step out in that cold like champ. After all the matchy-matchy, i kept the pants plain black to cut it and the leather pants with kitty knee caps simply got me. Maybe the bag would have also been better of in solid black and the peep toe shoes may have gotten my toes numb but i have got to keep this swirl thingy going.

How do you make your winter outfits worthwhile with this polar vortex?
Perfect Winter outfit

About time i got my second piercing a permanent friend. So grateful to Dama LuxLock for this pair of silver cubic zerconia earrings and comfortably secured lock.
BEANIE HAT: Ardene similar here // SWEATER: Jones New York similar here // PANTS: Ardene // HEELS: Spring // SILVER CUBIC ZERCONIA EARRINGS: Dama LuxLock

Photos taken by: William C.
Photo editing by: Me

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