I am always excited about styling sporty outfits because for the longest time ever sporty pieces were just worn without a lot of inspiration and in most cases, just for sports. End of story. Today, that story has changed. They are worn in the most stylish ways you could possibly ever dream of. Most men and women i have seen lately seem to bring on their "A Game" with the ways they style 'em. We all know it is one of the hottest trends this Spring and i love it. I am talking from sporty short suits to even simple sporty tees and of course we mustn't leave out the sneakers.

In my attempt to style this varsity top, it was important for me to mix it with a coat for this look. Why? Because a tailored coat with blazerlike lapels shows how eclectic sporty wears, especially this sporty tee i have on can be.... and it only gets better.
And yes, obviously it was snowing while we were shooting. Apparently it still snows during "Spring" in Alberta, Canada. Oh shoot me!
While playing around with the PICS ART App on my phone, i liked how the filter changed the blue on my shirt and hat to pink so i posted it here with the rest of the photos. So in case you are wondering, it is the same shirt.

                                                                     Who am i wearing?
             SHIRT: Stitches // DENIM PANTS: American Eagle // HEELS: Sam & Libby for Target

Photos taken and edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.                                

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