Happy new week lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was pretty low key. Just nice and quiet. So where were you hiding this weekend? As for me, as usual, i was at the grocery store shopping. Only that this time i wasn't alone. And i am not talking about the other shoppers. I am talking about my customized tee and fancy grocery bag came along with me.

In continuation of my collaboration with HiCustom, i decided to customize a T-shirt for this second look and in addition to that, i customized my very own bag. Only that my tee came over sized as you can see.

I wanted this two pieces because i never have enough bag room in my purse to carry all my stuff  and the t-shirt is a way to keep promoting the blog. I chose these two colors because they are so perfect for Spring and Summer.

Both of good quality cotton fabric but the only hiccup i have with this order is the fact that the t-shirt was marked "small" but it was way too big....even for a guy. I actually decided to keep it because come summer, it will be so perfect as an over sized shirt to pair with any kind of shorts and great to wear over my swimwear. I notified them at HiCustom, they immediately responded and are on it to fix the issue. Besides that, it was all a good day at the grocery store.
                                                                     Who am i wearing?
CUSTOMIZED T-SHIRT: HiCustom // PANTS: Dynamite // SHOES: Madeline // CUSTOMIZED BAG: HiCustom

Photos taken by William and edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.                                

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