Life is way too short to be taken too seriously. A little fun doesn't hurt, especially if it means just being yourself. While out and about in Calgary the other day, we checked out the Calgary Stampede. Naah, there was nothing going on there but it is one of the biggest spots in Calgary and you know that is a must see. On getting there, we drove around aimlessly but quickly, since we weren't sure if we had crossed into an area we weren't supposed to be already. Before giving anyone a chance to say a word or two, we turned around to leave, and who did we see? A beautiful family of horse statues. Being that it wasn't a planned shoot in the beginning, it was hard to resist taking a couple of shots anyway. So forgive my disheveled self. Meanwhile, it was a fun day.

Before heading to the Calgary Stampede, we stopped by Northland mall very quickly and while we were walking through, i was distracted by a very interesting store. This store was spilling over with so many different carved pieces only from Mexico displayed everywhere. I was just in awe. I shared a couple these photos already on my Instagram feed but here is one of...

Photos taken by William and edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.                                

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