Hi yaa sweet ones! How is your weekend going so far? Mine is the same old story- Still living in the mountains. If you are looking for me and you don't find me in the mountains, i am on Instagram stalking myself. Well since the weekend is for relaxing i thought i would share some of my outfits that don't make it to the blog but end up on Instagram, sometimes Google+ or they just stay with me on my computer.
This was laundry day but i wore my big huge ankle length snow jacket over it to stay warm. Of course nobody knew what i was wearing under except for you all and cyberspace.

This was just another errand day. I was heading to Calgary wearing an all black outfit and a camouflage scarf.


Oh, so i also shared this photo below on Instagram. It was taken while we were heading into Toronto one faithful day. We were just "lucky" enough to be stuck behind her. People like that shouldn't be allowed to drive, especially on major highways. I thought it was cute though :).
These were taken last weekend while in Calgary. Most of which were taken while we were on the highway and driving in the city. While William often takes the driver's seat, i like to lose myself in scenery as i look outside the window. I challenged myself by taking these photos while we were in motion and it didn't turn out too badly...i think.
This was just so random. How many of you return your carts after off loading your grocery bags into your car? Don't lie :).

Lurking on a snow jogger. Oh yeah, this is what Spring looks like in Alberta by the way. Very colorful isn't it?

Sunday afternoon in Calgary....

 Have an awesome weekend everyone!!
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Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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