It is no news black and white outfits are all time classics but even more so is how i can't get enough of them. I even feel like they may be so over done. No? You and i have probably worn them in every single possible way anyone can think of but that doesn't mean it has become boring. What i find more interesting is wearing them in prints and i am not talking one, two or three but four. I decided to wear all four different prints in one outfit. Yes, i totally did. I built this whole look around the same striped tank top i wore in the first part of this post by wearing a houndstooth jacket over it. Then i paired it with a floral skirt and finally an animal print purse to complete the look. Something i know is, black and white pieces never get old, especially a monochromatic mix. Now you have all seen how i styled one striped tank top in two fun ways. How do you see yourself wearing stripes this season? 

                                                                  Who am i wearing?
HOUNDSTOOTH JACKET: Laura Petites //  STRIPED TANK TOP: Merona via Target // FLORAL PRINT SKIRT: Cleo // BAG: Gianini // PEEP TOE HEELS: Spring

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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