Finding a flexible piece in the most practical color just in time for Spring is always nice. Even with my anticipation to maintain a colorful wardrobe this Spring, there will be days when i may want to tone it down a bit. Right? With this grey satin jacket i immediately thought i could easily pair it with as many colors in the book and it will definitely go just perfectly well with it. When i first tried the jacket on in the store, i wore it over a pink bodycon mini dress and it was just excellent. The only problem was the fact that the dress was too tight in awkward, random places. I 'm sure you get what i mean or maybe i should have taken a selfie and posted on my Instagram page as proof. Ugh. Anyway, i came home and picked out this dress from my closet to style it with. I can see myself wearing this jacket with denim, leather, pants, skirts, shorts, red, blue, purple, green and more. Now that i am all dressed up maybe i can take a selfie.

Me: My left cheek looks better this way.
Me: Maybe if i smile with one eye closed i will look hot.
Me: Gosh, i think i might scare someone.
Me: Oh Lupita, watch out!!
Me: My phone case is better than yours.
Me: So #selfie chic. No?
                                                                       Who was i wearing?

                    DRESS: // Katsumi JACKET: JS Collection // PHONE CASE: Kidogo Kidogo 

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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