How to wear an over sized skirt as a dress
How do i even begin? Sometimes i do things on impulse that could end up being the biggest mistake ever or the best thing ever. Now i was in a store a long time ago and i saw this checkered piece in the prettiest colors but i wasn't ready to get it. Went back again a few times and it was still on the rack. I always wanted it but i was just never ready to buy it.  On this faithful day, i yanked it off the rack like, "Okay! I get it. You so want to be mine and you can't wait any much longer, or else...." Without thinking twice or trying it on, i paid and walked out feeling really good.

So i get home and i didn't even try this wannbemine skirt until a few days later. Omg! Nooooo!! It was big! It is actually a wrap skirt that pins down on both sides so I kept pulling it around my waist with the hope that it will magically fit but it kept slipping right down below my hips. In fact the only thing barely holding it up there was my little behind. I wasn't returning it, i thought to myself. While playfully trying to figure out what to do with it, i pulled it over my chest and BAM! I created an outfit- A strapless checkered pleated dress. Put a belt on it to cinch the waist and threw this yellow trench coat over my shoulders. Done!
How to wear an over sized skirt as a dress
How to wear an over sized skirt as a dress
How to wear an over sized skirt as a dressThe Perfect Over The Knee Boots

                                                                Who am i wearing?                     
                        COAT: Black Rivet // SKIRT: No label // BOOTS: Aldo // BELT: Le Chateau

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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