Take it or leave it, a trend might as well be an accidental mishap or a misadventure that went viral by all means. While in some cases we could just blame it on the fact that role models, idols, celebrities or as we call it today, influencers have such huge effect on on us and we just go with it. I have read and heard a few people say out loud, "I don't follow trend." Bless your heart and keep doing you because that is what makes you, you. For those who do, be inspired and keep inspiring others. Either way, there is nothing wrong with that. Besides, i am not one to judge because sometimes i pull out an outfit from nowhere either because i am not feeling inspired or just lacking some creative juices. Hey, don't you have those days or am i alone here?

Every outfit can't be a winning outfit because come on even celebrities with the help of pricey personal stylists have made it to the worst dressed list over and over again i just don't get it. Okay that is just a cry for help. As for my outfit here, even if it does not make it to any list, i think i may have confused myself and a few people on the streets with it. But one thing i know for sure is, a cool, clean cut blazer paired with denim can make a slip dress (or top) which was meant to be a sleepwear for some or an outfit for others like me, be anything you want it to be. I rocked it all around the city of Calgary like every single piece of that outfit was made for each other.

SLEEPWEAR/SLIP DRESS: Victoria Secret // BLAZER: H&M // DENIM PANTS: Streetwear Society

Photos taken by William and edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.                                

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