Clearly from my past posts you already know i have a soft spot for vintage fashion. What i really do find more fascinating is being able to mix modern pieces with vintage pieces. I will be honest about pants like these, they are not always an easy pair to wear at all. The high waist and jacquard print is flattering but the ankle length and very super straight cut can be tricky. Regardless, i love it. I know it may seem too soon for a crop top and a pair of open toe heels but boy, i may end up not wearing any of my Spring/Summer pieces this year with the rate at which the weather here is going. Anyway, i don't even see the snow anymore.
                                                                     Who am i wearing?
CROP TOP: Forever 21 // PANTS: Etcetera // HEELS: Obsessions // NAIL POLISH: Revlon Brilliant Strength (Mesmerize)

Recipe Of The Day: U.S. MINT SUNDAE RECIPE (Kid Friendly)

Photos taken by William C. and Edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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