I was always into sports growing up as a kid and i loved it. The energy, the madness, the fun- So beyond words. Best moments of course was winning! Winning! Who knows maybe that is why i have a thing for sporty outfits, like this cute, comfy t-shirt that was sent to me. The cute thing about wearing a t-shirt like this one made by Life Is Good, is you can either dress it up or dress it down and it will always work. Even cuter is the fact that it is for a really good cause. Yep, Life Is Good is a lifestyle brand committed to spreading the power of optimism. As basketball fans nationwide are finishing up their brackets, the path to the Final Four is just getting started. Life is good is showing their support for the games with their new line of limited-edition basketball tees. They donate 10 per cent of its net profit (including this limited edition tees) to help kids in need. Besides the fact that this is a do-good brand, i happen to have fallen in love with how quirky cool this brand is. To show my support is by showing my spirit of sportsmanship which i have decided to share with you all with this look.
        LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT: Life Is Good // JACKET: The North Face // PANTS: Bluenotes     

Photos taken and edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.                                

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