Every time i find an opportunity to mix prints, i jump quickly at it. Sure there is always that fear of looking crazy. Maybe not to myself but others. For example, that sweet old lady in the coffee shop who tries to put you in check every time you come in for a coffee. She might look at me like i am crazy and think i forgot to wear the right clothes to her store. What if she says to me in that motherly tone? "Hey honey, come here for a minute. Is this a new trend or you forgot something?" Hahaha. I just love the seniors...always so sweet. It's time to quit thinking too much about it because even if you get it all right, people will always find something to say.

Well for this look, let's just say i played it a little safe and would recommend it for anyone who is just starting out with mixing prints. In a classic way, i picked two timeless but trendy pieces in simple black and white to mix together for this look- Tartan and Stripes. For a pop of color, i matched my red hat with the red purse. Oh, as for the grey boots, i have just concluded they go with everything.
                                                               Who was i wearing?
HAT: L.L.Bean // TOP: Loft // SKIRT: Teen Scene // NECKLACE: My Monogram Necklace // BOOTS: Unknown

Recipe Of The Day: Blushing Bride Berries & Cream Parfait

Photos taken and edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.                                

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