Boy, have i been MIA for a few days. Missed you too! Thanks. It has been a bit of a busy week. William and Daisy's birthdays were 3 days apart and since my baby girl is officially 2 now, we started celebrating 3 days early. It's all about her now and she is enjoying every single bit of it too :). I also tweaked a few things on the blog layout for a more organized and cleaner look. What was meant to have taken a few minutes ended up taking forever. Also, i was busy working on a few other things too that i won't bore you about.

So somehow the gods of Spring felt sorry for us here in Alberta and from no where it warmed up so nicely it felt like summer...okay almost. It couldn't have been a more perfect time to shoot this sleek sleeveless maxi black dress from Sensation Of The Night. But before i talk about the black dress, i want you to take a good look at this pleated green dress below from thier website too:
That was the dress i really wanted but unfortunately for me, it wasn't available. It cost $32.99 (free shipping too). I was a little heartbroken but then i spotted this black dress and i knew the side slit was just hard to ignore. Just so you know, my first night on their website i pinned so many of their dresses to my "Wish List" and "Fashion Love" on Pinterest.
The dress is very light in weight and the fabric is Lycra but on a very light dose. Wore the dress all day and just loved the smooth feel of it and how so comfortable it was. I would say this though, the little layer overlapping on top didn't fall over the way i would have liked but then again that could be on me. Maybe i just need a little extra oomph up there. Hahaha. This is so perfect for date nights and easy to accessorize. In my case, the hat and leg show were just about enough accessories for this outfit.
                                                  MAXI BLACK DRESS: Sensation Of Night

 RECIPE OF THE DAY: Muffuletta Sandwich (Perfect Lunch Bite For Any Special Occassion)

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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