Let's just go back a few years when being bohemian was seen as not even caring about fashion or being stylish. Just free spirited individuals who had artistic minds, a group adventurers with like minds or like some may call it, drifters with little or no money. Now fast forward to today and you realize it is one of the most sought after styles yet. A trend i find so liberating as its lifestyle seems to be. Take Coachella for instance today, hello? Need some help with being boho-chic, then take desert trip to Coachella. What about Free People, a clothing brand dedicated to bohemian style.

I tweaked my bohemian style to fit the weather here. Although, in all fairness to the weather, we got a surprisingly warm day when i shot this outfit and i just let it all out. Hahaha. Hey, right before that day we had three consecutive days of snow non-stop and i just had to indulge in some Vitamin D. It felt nice, it felt so good, it felt so freeing. What better way than to embrace the boho in me other than to throw on a flower crown, a strapless free flowing cotton white dress and of course a floral print jacket. I believe everyone is a little bohemian- The need for change, the desire to travel and be free. Free enough to just be you. My advice, embrace it!
                                                                      Who am i wearing?
                DRESS: Original 728 // FLORAL GARLAND: Claire's // JACKET: Catherine Stewart // WEDGES: Damita K.


Photos taken and edited by me.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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