Love, love, love the adrenaline rush of the city life until....

Everything about a big city is on the go, go, go!! If you move too slow, you miss out on the gold. Everyone is reaching out for the same things, big or small just as long as you don't get stuck in the hole or left behind....Always keep it moving- That is how i feel. Since being back in Toronto, we have been trying to find us a new place and for those who know much about living in cities, it can get a little challenging. A listing is up one minute, gone the next. Hahaha. Everything goes fast except for traffic. No kidding.

While down at the Distillery, a very gorgeous area with a bit of that rustic vibe yet trendy, hip, up and definitely coming, we looked at a place there. But i managed to steal a quick minute to take a few shots. Waking up every morning and literally living out of my suitcase calls for a quick outfit i can just put together to meet up with potential landlords, realtors or simply to view places to live in the city.  I had to make a few stops to adjust my pants while trying to catch up with everyone else as we cross over from building to building. I guess this is just part of the everyday the city. No?
It seems there is never enough time to dig deep into my suitcase because i just happen grab the first few clothes i see on top. But a pair of statement pieces like the top, the pants and a cool, nice metallic gold jacket seems to save the day. While a floppy hat is absolutely stylish and the red adds a pop it does the trick by saving me some time when it comes a "hair on the go".

After all that craziness you just want to make sure you find a place you are happy to come home to at the end of the day, right? After a few hits and misses i think the search is over.
                                                                   Who am i wearing?                            
                                              JACKET: // TOP: Ardene // PANTS: Ardene

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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