Hippie Chic
While on the road, i was inspired to dress the part. It is just that hippie side of me trying to come out to play. The prettiest and coolest part of experimenting with the many sides and faces of one's personal style is to know first and foremost fashion rules are no rules. It is all about making it yours and just going with it. I style myself from inside out. That is, my emotions and thoughts do contribute to the way i dress sometimes and so does my environment. If i am feeling sort of edgy one day, i may be feeling very conservative the next. I am a dreamer and i love to travel, so why not bring my fashion sense along for this ride?
As a lover of earth tones, prints and patterns i knew mixing up these two pieces together will be a creative and fun fit. If it is not hippie enough, add some boho glam- More flowers and flare. Maxi skirts will always be a staple in my wardrobe because they can be rocked all year long. They also add a really cool sense of maturity to an outfit that i like a lot. Oh, i better not forget fun and flirty too. If i wasn't traveling in a cramped up car full of stuff i guess we can't live without, i will be wearing a pair of stilettos with this skirt. It's just something about heels and maxis, it has a more graceful look to it. That said, the boots seem to give it a cool stylish look and definitely more practical in this case.
Maxi Skirt by Carole Little

TOP: Costa Blanca // SKIRT: Carole Little // BOOTS: Bamboo // HAT: Mossimo for Target // CROSS BODY BAG: Kenneth Cole

Today's recipe pick will make your heart skip a beat: Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

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Jackie Harrison said...

Beautiful and stunning.

Lubka Christova said...

Great photos and you look very funky! :))

Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk

Alissa Gromova said...

Amazing Busola!

Love the styling its remember me a little bit the glamorous hippies of Cavalli. Like this happy colors and prints on you, also like the conception of the post. The fashion and the blog for me is also like a road, I never know what I will styling, it depends only og my personal feeling and about what i want to express this day :)
Kisses doll


Yetunde Bakare said...

lovely skirt and I love to see your post because you are always happy, and you do always style yourself inside and outside

Mag KP said...

Do you know why you look so well? Because it comes from the inside, there's harmony between what you feel and what you wear. Great outfit, love it.

Tanja said...

I love how you styled this colorful outfit, the prints are so amazing! Definitely love your maxi skirt :)

Paola said...

Wow... amazing hippie style, perfect in every detail!!!
Kisses honey!!!

Lenya said...

Busola you look so darling!!! The outfit has your name written all over it. LOVE it girl just LOVE it! Missed you honey.

Missy May said...

Boho chic!! Love the comfy'ness of the dress and the fabric is beautiful. Lovely hun. :-)


June said...

Beautiful pics Busola! Love the hippie style and your amazing smile :)

Keep in touch



Pooja Mittal said...

OMG girl you kept it so stylish while travelling.. When I am travelling I am in my tracks.
Definatly best part about fashion us that there are no rules.
I love the mic of floral prints and earthy color. I loved the boho you..
Those boot look good and don't make me miss heels
Keep in touch

KizzyDoll said...

Yes, I have great love for this...you look wonderful xx

Lizzy Jevoislavieenrose said...

love this style!

Lenya said...

Good Morning sunshine

Haley Valerie said...

This is a great look!



This dress would look great on me too:-) Well played my friend!

Indian Savage said...

Amazing dress!!!
Colorful outfit my sweet Busola
The Indian Savage Diary

Style by Alina said...

This outfit is super cute babe! You, the dress, the shoes and smiles equal perfection. ;)

xo, Alina


Stella said...

I also love earth tones! And you're such a great hippie, darling!


♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

Kim A. said...

It's a fabulous print with beautiful colors.

melody said...



am2pmchic said...

Oh you look adorable, love love the hippie vibe.




Claudia P. said...

Such cute dress and top. Love this!
Really cute look!

Bekka said...

I love this look! Hippie chic is always my favorite... That recipe looks amazing! Must try. So glad I found your blog :)

xo, Bekka
Palm and Peachtree, A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog
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Pinkoolaid said...

such a gorgeous look :) effortlessly stylish

DB Product Review said...

Glad to have found your site. Keep up the good work! DB Product Review

Shannon said...

Wow what a gorgeous outfit. I love earth tones!

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