Hippie Chic
While on the road, i was inspired to dress the part. It is just that hippie side of me trying to come out to play. The prettiest and coolest part of experimenting with the many sides and faces of one's personal style is to know first and foremost fashion rules are no rules. It is all about making it yours and just going with it. I style myself from inside out. That is, my emotions and thoughts do contribute to the way i dress sometimes and so does my environment. If i am feeling sort of edgy one day, i may be feeling very conservative the next. I am a dreamer and i love to travel, so why not bring my fashion sense along for this ride?
As a lover of earth tones, prints and patterns i knew mixing up these two pieces together will be a creative and fun fit. If it is not hippie enough, add some boho glam- More flowers and flare. Maxi skirts will always be a staple in my wardrobe because they can be rocked all year long. They also add a really cool sense of maturity to an outfit that i like a lot. Oh, i better not forget fun and flirty too. If i wasn't traveling in a cramped up car full of stuff i guess we can't live without, i will be wearing a pair of stilettos with this skirt. It's just something about heels and maxis, it has a more graceful look to it. That said, the boots seem to give it a cool stylish look and definitely more practical in this case.
Maxi Skirt by Carole Little

TOP: Costa Blanca // SKIRT: Carole Little // BOOTS: Bamboo // HAT: Mossimo for Target // CROSS BODY BAG: Kenneth Cole

Today's recipe pick will make your heart skip a beat: Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

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