Perfect Denim Outfit
I remember when i once read a post on Susie Bubble's Blog- Style Bubble a while back where she said, she has never ever liked wearing jeans but then she had a change of heart. The first thing that crossed my mind was, "Really? How can you not wear jeans? It is a classic piece of garment. Very easy to wear, style and wash". But then again, it is Susie Bubble, a girl known to have very unique style and stays true to it. #bloglove

Although, denim or jeans (i call 'em both) has always been down played as a "casual wear" but i have seen that idea is quickly changing. Wearing jeans has become more stylish and i can not deny if i tend to wear it almost everyday. Lately, i have been a little crazy about the "denim on denim" trend but this time i went with a third denim- A denim floppy hat!! The hat creates a little bit of drama and fascination to the whole look which i really do like a lot. Just my way of embracing the denim madness.  Like they always say, "Go hard or go home!!"
Jeans Jacket By E.K.O
Denim Floppy Hat by Jessica Simpson Collection
Jeans Bootleg Pants By Streetwear Society
Busola Coutts
                                                                           Who am i wearing?
DENIM FLOPPY HAT: Jessica Simpson // JEANS JACKET: E.K.O // JEANS BOOTLEGGER PANTS: Streetwear Society // WHITE PUMPS: Marc Fisher 

Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.

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roselyn said...

Busola, I love love love this look :-)
Also, somehow I always know i'll smile when I come to your blog- I cant say it enough, you 've a radiant personality..shines through your words and outfits :)
Hug/kisses from Kenya !!

Jackie Harrison said...

Awesome look love the hat so chic.

Jessica Mattioli said...

Stunning look dear!!

The Fashion Heels

Lubka Christova said...

You've mastered the denim outfits so well and this fabulous hat completes the outfit perfectly! I love the pointy white heels and cat t-shirt so much :)
Perfect look!


KizzyDoll said...

Love this hat, so cool :) I've not worn denim in a long time. As I don't wear jeans. You look marvellous, I like that the shades of jean blend well, I get distracted when I see jean looks and the shade of jeans don't blend well, haha!! But, you aced it doll :) xx

valentina coco said...

This cute hat in jeans. Hello dear stay in touch.




bloglovin follower

Olakunmi said...

You wear denim so well!!
Love it!

Em said...

This is such a cute denim on denim outfit and I love the hat. I'm not a jeans person usually but my post tomorrow features jeans lol.

Claudia P. said...

Really cute look, love the hat and the top too. I see you are enjoying Toronto. :)
take care

Mag KP said...

I like total jean look and you look just great. Greetings Busola!

Lenya said...

Busola I love the summery look on you. Cute tee. Stunning heels darling! Love that hat.

Stella said...

What a perfect look, honey!!

♘ ♘

Chiemela Steve said...

You look great on the denim on denim outfit

Priscilla Eliodoro said...

Great post, I love jeans!

Sam @ Frills & Thrills said...

I completely agree, I cannot live without jeans and you have clearly demonstrated how much I love it with this stellar double denim outfit, the hat looks fab on you. I appreciate that you always take the time to stop by :)

Kim A. said...

That denim looks amazing on you! I love that hat! I use to wear a lot of jeans, but I don't wear as much as I once did.

Style by Alina said...

Denim on denim looks hot on you girl. I love the hat. Looking so gorgeous!

xo, Alina

francesca r said...

Wow busola you look fab in this boho outfit! I adore those jeans!

adela cechova said...

I love this look! Your hat is super cute.
Adela x

rococostyle said...

All I can say is that you look very fabulous! And the quality of your photos - which lenses do you use?) Incredible!


Manasi said...

loved your pictures!

Sammy Challenger said...

I love the outfit, you look fabulous!! <3

Tali said...

I agree with you, jeans are an amazing garment, or anything denim for that matter, But I can imagine Susie Bubble never wearing jeans :) I really love your look, this hat is fabulous!


Bella Pummarola said...

Love your flared jeans and the floppy hat! You look amazing, as always.

Ladyofashion said...

I love the black and white capture of you. Denim floppy hat? Now, that's a great and interesting style to have! You look great in your all denim outfit!

Elytha said...

You always look amazing, this denim style is fabulous, the jacket, hat, jeans, is totally great combo. I think denim or jeans is always a 'must have' items all woman should have ! hv a good time dear :) xx

Nilu Yuleena Thapa said...

You're one chic, fashionable lady Busola! I love the entire look!

Love Nilu Yuleena,


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Magda Carvalho said...

Great look :)

elle said...

I love this artful and unique blend of denim and shaded blues. I also am crazy about that pattern T-shirt it adds such a unique element to this style. I agree with you that denim worn the way you are wearing it now reads very chic and stylish, rather than casual and every day.
I love this outfit very much. Kisses, Elle

Sara Elia SuriVintage said...

Hey dear!!! I love your post and I love your blog!
(What do you think about supporting each other by funning?
If you are interested,so please let me know or just fan me and I will fan you back!)

xoxo <3

Jessica Mattioli said...

Happy week end!

The Fashion Heels

Dario Venuti said...

nice jacket


Laura L said...

love the denim on denim look! specially the hat

Bailey Hagen said...

I love the denim on denim on denim! And the undershirt is too cute, such a great way to subtley wear a graphic shirt!

nokhuthula nyoni said...

Love this look, that hat is amazing x

Busola Coutts said...

You are such a lovely person Roselyn and it means a lot to hear that. Thank you and keep putting a smile on our faces with your fun blog.

Mode Madison said...

I love denim and it's a personal wardrobe staple for me. You look hot in denim girl and despite wearing denim on denim on denim you just pull it off completely. Love the kitty top too.

Sovanny x

Aileen O. said...

I too am obsessed with denim on denim. Love how you made the trend your own by going triple denim. And I can see how Suzy Bubble strays from denim, her style is definitely unique. Even her off days are unique.

Maja eM said...

I've never saw the denim hat before, I love it!


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