Perfect Denim Outfit
I remember when i once read a post on Susie Bubble's Blog- Style Bubble a while back where she said, she has never ever liked wearing jeans but then she had a change of heart. The first thing that crossed my mind was, "Really? How can you not wear jeans? It is a classic piece of garment. Very easy to wear, style and wash". But then again, it is Susie Bubble, a girl known to have very unique style and stays true to it. #bloglove

Although, denim or jeans (i call 'em both) has always been down played as a "casual wear" but i have seen that idea is quickly changing. Wearing jeans has become more stylish and i can not deny if i tend to wear it almost everyday. Lately, i have been a little crazy about the "denim on denim" trend but this time i went with a third denim- A denim floppy hat!! The hat creates a little bit of drama and fascination to the whole look which i really do like a lot. Just my way of embracing the denim madness.  Like they always say, "Go hard or go home!!"
Jeans Jacket By E.K.O
Denim Floppy Hat by Jessica Simpson Collection
Jeans Bootleg Pants By Streetwear Society
Busola Coutts
                                                                           Who am i wearing?
DENIM FLOPPY HAT: Jessica Simpson // JEANS JACKET: E.K.O // JEANS BOOTLEGGER PANTS: Streetwear Society // WHITE PUMPS: Marc Fisher 

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