On our first weekend back in Toronto, the weather was F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. We decided to go for a walk by the lake which is called the Harbourfront Center. Very popular spot for all summer long events and festivals. In fact the Harbourfront Festival kicked off  yesterday with the International Circus entertaining all kids for free. Meanwhile, there are so many more events such as concerts happening all summer. Yeah, did i say free?
There is a board just right on the side walk showing all the dates of each event taking place this summer.

Anyway, i thought i might as well share some photos i took while we went for a walk at the Harbourfront. I always try to take my camera with me whenever i leave the house because there is always something fun, new and interesting going on around that just needs to be captured. Let's not forget the breathtaking views by the water too. Besides, it is Toronto.

Of course, weddings are always beautiful by the water.... Cute pink bridal dresses i must say. Very Spring.
Lurking on couples....

I cannot get enough of this place. I stop there for Cafe Mocha and the best blueberry scone in the city.

Everyone comes to Toronto...

The CN Tower

Oh by the way, i spotted a Fashion blogger shooting!! My first. It was nice to stumble into one. Aww, she was so sweet. We just looked at each other, said hi and giggled like, "Uhmm, you must know".

Staying fit is somewhat stylish and trendy in Toronto....I couldn't resist noticing their handbags though. It's all in the bag.

You know it is a good day when the flip flops are out...

Happy Victoria Day Weekend to all Canadians!

Thank you all for stopping by and be sure to check back tomorrow for an exciting outfit post.

Now your comments.

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