perfect tribal prints
I originally come from a beautiful tribe/ethnic group that i am so proud of but i also come from a place of peace. I will honestly tell you i did not not know how offensive it was to call these prints tribal prints or even ethnic prints. I personally don't think the fashion industry meant to offend anyone with it but i think the point behind the controversy is the fact that it is important to know the history, respect, honor the origins of prints and naming them correctly. Point taken, but hmm...if you must know, i do not know where half of the prints i wear originate from and that includes this outfit....not because i am lazy. It is the simple truth and i am always open to learn as i go. What would you call it? Geometric or Aztec, maybe?

Phew! Well, now that we have all that out of the way, i can tell you a bit about what is really going on here.

After moving around a lot, it is only typical to either have some of our things in storage or give them away. Let me just say, we saved some and i am glad. So yes, we finally moved all our crap and settled into our new place. Meanwhile, just a day before the actual move in day, we had to stop by the storage to pick up a couple of things. Sure of course in typical blogger fashion, while William went digging, i was busy outside twirling around in my cute, flirty, circle skirt. Can't you all tell i love wearing prints and even mixing them. These two "tribal print" pieces which seem like matching separates but were bought separately is nothing but a match made in man-made heaven. Just as fun and flirty as can be.
                                                               Who am i wearing?
     TOP: Erin London // SKIRT: Circle T by Marylin Lenox // HEELS: Obsessions // HAT: Mossimo

Thank you all for reading and yes i am back posting regularly again. Can't wait to share what i have in store for you all.

Now your comments.

"TRIBAL PRINTS" : WEAR IT LIKE YOU KNOW IT "TRIBAL PRINTS" : WEAR IT LIKE YOU KNOW IT Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 5/14/2014 Rating: 5
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