I was going through my closet the other day when i saw the orange satin top and i just smiled. It reminded me of how crazy i was about any outfit that had orange in it last Summer/Fall season. In my opinion, there is really no subtlety to orange as a color. It is out there, and you know it. That isn't always a bad thing when it can be toned down a bit. I often mix my orange pieces with prints and patterns but this time i dared to pair it with another orange piece. Eeeek! I know. Hahaha, a little too much?
Orange outfit
It's okay, i also thought it was a bit too much too. So besides toning it down a bit by wearing a black hat and a pair of black heels, i thought i could cut it even some more with the beige jacket.
I kept it simple with the accessories and all. The orange was just enough on its own. Especially with a background like that, you get to see how bright the orange is. By the way, the photos were taken at a park.
                     TOP: Ambiance // PANTS: Seduction Fashion // HEELS: Sam & Libby for Target

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