I was going through my closet the other day when i saw the orange satin top and i just smiled. It reminded me of how crazy i was about any outfit that had orange in it last Summer/Fall season. In my opinion, there is really no subtlety to orange as a color. It is out there, and you know it. That isn't always a bad thing when it can be toned down a bit. I often mix my orange pieces with prints and patterns but this time i dared to pair it with another orange piece. Eeeek! I know. Hahaha, a little too much?
Orange outfit
It's okay, i also thought it was a bit too much too. So besides toning it down a bit by wearing a black hat and a pair of black heels, i thought i could cut it even some more with the beige jacket.
I kept it simple with the accessories and all. The orange was just enough on its own. Especially with a background like that, you get to see how bright the orange is. By the way, the photos were taken at a park.
                     TOP: Ambiance // PANTS: Seduction Fashion // HEELS: Sam & Libby for Target

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KizzyDoll said...

I love orange, it's not a colour that everyone can pull off, but I'm glad that I can, because I love it. Looks gorgeous on you and I like the added hat as well :) Super cool doll xx

Jackie Harrison said...

Great color on you is very stunning.

Sam @ Frills & Thrills said...

You look so beautifully vibrant in this vivid orange hue, love! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by :)

Ivana Džidić said...

I love orange! espesially so in this summer! You look great in this all orange outfit:)

≈ CARMEN ≈ said...

Fantastic color. I don't think it's too much because you styled it so well! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

Dana said...

I LOVE orange but not every tone of orange fits to me. In this case I must be careful, can look very bad. But you look gorgeous!! Love this length of your pants and the heels.. awesome! :)


Mag KP said...

You look fantastic in orange Busola. I like this color very much, for me this is the color of sun and warmth. You combined it so well with the jacket and pumps and hat. It makes this outfit interesting :)

Lenya said...

I am with Nerline, really nobody does color like you do Busola. You look gorgeous as always. A happy color for you. And yeah those heels!!!

Paola said...

You look fab in orange.... great style!!!!!
Baci bellissima!!!!

Kierra Makayla said...

You make anything look stunning! Love how you styled this.


June said...

All orange is too bright but you've added the perfect touch to tone it down with the jacket :) Cute look as usual Busola :) You look amazing!! Cute photos!

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Busola Coutts said...

Way to go Kizzy, i hear ya. I have seen you in some colorful outfits and you glow. Thank you so much :)

Indian Savage said...

So sexy in orange Busola!
You look stunning (as always)
Maggie D
The Indian Savage diary

Kurves said...

Love this color on you. Don't tell me that my orange love was only to last 1 year 'cause I been loving it more than 10 years. You look so good in all colors and you wear them well.

Kim A. said...

Orange is hot this Summer! Looks great!

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