When i think of of summer, i think of spontaneity. There is no limit to the amount of fun things you can do during summer time and you don't even have to think twice about it. The beach is always on my to do list at this time of the year even if it means taking a break from everything right at the spur of the moment. Since there is a mini beach right around the corner and i always happen to pass right by it anytime i am in the area, it inspired me to create a beach ready outfit. Meaning i can easily wear this outfit out on a regular day and still fit right into it when i am in a beach mood. 
We shot on two different days. All the photos were taken on a weekday except for the next two below which were taken on a weekend. Spot the difference?
                                                                       Who was i wearing?
       HAT: L.L. Bean  // TOP: Susan van heausen // PANTS: Hollister // HEELS: Just Sweet // BAG: Miztique via Winners

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