Forever 21 Tank Top in Blue
Isn't it nice to have one color come in so many various shades? Yet incorporating those shades together in one outfit can be a little tricky. So tricky you will notice as i you scroll down i tried something interesting with accessorizing. I like blue even though it is not my number one color on the list of favorites, but without a doubt it has been very popular when it come to a go to color lately. Besides, i am in love with the blue trend this Spring, but who says you can't take it into summer?

Since discovering the Revlon Brilliant Strength (Mesmerize 170) Nail polish you have all seen me wear in a lot of my photos, i can't seem to get enough of it. With the weather warming up and clothes getting lighter, i picked out the cobalt blue tank top to wear with my chambray printed pants for an easy day out. The jeans jacket sure adds a bit an of interesting look to it that i find really cool. Also being a nice shade of blue, i thought it worked well with the theme of my outfit. Luckily, i still had my pair of baby blue slip-on heels to complete "My something blue" outfit.

Feeling the blues this season?
Perfect All Blue Outfit

If you notice in the very first photo i didn't wear a necklace at all because i forgot to before i started shooting. It turns out the photos had some sort of natural appeal about the look that i really like and i wanted to show yo all. But then again, the necklace does make a lot of difference too. Don't you think?  I have included some of the photos below. I know a few ladies who would rather not wear earrings or jewelries at all and they are doing fine. Hmm...
Printed Pants
The Perfect All Blue Outfit
   JEANS JACKET: E.K.O // TANK TOP: Forever 21 // PANTS: Andrea Jovine // HEELS: Allivee

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