Hope  everyone is having a great week so far or looking forward the weekend already? Well, i am.

Sure you all remember the challenge post i did on #MyVegasStyle organized by the lovely people at just a couple of  weeks ago. Well creating a collage is great and for me it is just like creating a dream wardrobe or inspiration for future outfits...but that is one thing. The reality of having those outfits is another. The challenge got me thinking, "What if i really had the chance to go to Vegas right now, what exactly do i physically have in my closet that will be perfect for a day there?" The closest i have ever been to a place like Vegas is Altantic City and it was amazing!! Really it was.

Anyway, i started looking through my clothes remembering that i had this red top i had bought a long time ago and never worn. The cut in front, the gold embroidery work on it, the chiffon fabric and the cut of the sleeves is fun. So perfect for the mood. Pairing it with the black satin shorts is dressy enough and comfortable, but most of all, black just always works. The gold accessories compliment the top and bring out the outfit.

So what did you do wear while in Vegas? Do tell...

  I think even the blurs sometimes make a good photo. This one was my favorite...

                    TOP: Funky People // SHORTS: Express // HEELS: Express // PURSE: Victoria Secret

Even though it was windy, i still did my runway walk in the outfit...hehehe:

Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.


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