The perfect romper by express
I find long walks in summer to be fun especially if you live in a city like mine where there are events popping up on the streets almost everyday. The challenge is trying to keep outfits as light as possible. Well to continue my collaboration with Express, i decided to rock this strapless knit romper in stripes around Toronto city. Summer is my favorite season and there is no limit to how creative i like to get with simple summer outfits even if they are casuals. I believe an outfit is only simple and casual if you make it so. No? I'll tell why in a minute but let's enjoy the view of this lovely city and we'll talk as we walk.

I took a photo of this view while at the top of a condominium terrace. A little scary but super cool. Just on the other side of the water, to the left is Toronto Island. I will be featuring that place soon.

And north is Rogers Center: This is where the magic happens..

When i first stepped out of the house, i decided to keep the outfit simple and just use my hair as the main accessory by allowing it to fall freely on my bare shoulders....or to the side for a little oomph. It 's hard to ignore the lovely little details of the romper- The cute bow in front,  the stripes, the color, side pockets, strapless bit and airy effect. All these equals comfort. It gives you a chance to have fun styling it and boy, is it hot already. Every now and then you may get a whiff of cool breeze coming from the lake. 
Strapless romper by Express

 Spotted some really pretty pink flowers so i threw myself and my pink romper in the middle.
Walking along this bridge, you get a great view of the CN Tower while you get to watch  the GO-Train pass right underneath you. It can be a fun mix but i am always so eager to get to the other side already.

This beautiful flower arrangement runs along a whole entire side walk of Biff's Bistro in Toronto's Financial District and i just love it.

Never a dull moment on Toronto streets. These gorgeous ladies took photos with just about anyone. Must have been a long day....
I always thought rompers and floppy hats look good together so i thought it would be awesome to pair this romper with a white large brim floppy hat and matching sunglasses. I quickly walked into  Winners (Marshalls/TJMaxx) and i got lucky. I walked to a nearby park to take a break and immediately a lady, also in a romper (if i can remember clearly) walked up to me to ask where i got the hat from. That was just the beginning of the number of sweet compliments, few nods, smiles...even cute winks, hehehe and a couple of interesting conversations with total strangers all based on my outfit as i continued with my walk.

 Who said doctors are too busy for selfies.....

Toronto is too big a city to cover in one day and it comes with a lot of fun. So much fun my romper and i made new friends. Now that is way more interesting.
 Ciao everyone and thank you!!
Toronto City
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