3 Refreshing Ways To Wear A little White Dress
Summer is gladly upon us and white is huge this season. White is always a big deal to me all year round and that includes after labor day too. A little white dress is one of the cutest pieces ever that i couldn't resist wearing this strapless summer dress in Winter/Spring. White is a classic piece and a staple in my wardrobe because it will never go out of date. It just can't. Now it is hot enough to wear it and i can't seem to get enough of this dress, so i thought it would be a great idea to show how to rock it in three different ways.

LOOK 1: Casual & Fun
Paired the dress with a small brim hat and a pair of espadrilles. Just perfect for a casual day in summer.
A perfect little white dress

LOOK 2: Gypsy Chic
I simply pulled down the skirt to my waist and i wore a printed gypsy top with it. Don't you just love the chic factor of a cold shoulder top. The length of the dress just falls perfectly to look like a midi skirt.
Gypsy Chic: Wearing a little white dress as a midi skirt
Gypsy Chic: Wearing a little white dress as a midi skirt
Gypsy Chic: Wearing a little white dress as a midi skirt
Gypsy Chic: Wearing a little white dress as a midi skirt
Gypsy Chic: Wearing a little white dress as a midi skirt

For the final look, i pulled the dress up and folded the band in to get a fuller but firm bust area to give the "top" a fluffy yet sweet and chic look. Then i styled it with a pair of distressed skinny pants to add a bit of an edge to the look.

 So which of these three is your favorite look?
1 Little White Dress: 3 Refreshing Ways
                                                                               WHITE DRESS: 725 Originals


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Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.


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Dana said...

Can´t believe .. it´s the same dress and it looks always so different!! I have some similar peaces.. must try to wear it like you! Thank you so much for this inspiring post!! You look so divine and fresh and stylish with your very sympathetic, contagious smile :)

have a wonderful week dear
Dana :)

francesca r said...

you genius!!! I really like the idea of 3 in one, well the fits outfit is definitely my fave but I must say that I'd often wear something similar to n.3

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Me Fashion Blogger



KizzyDoll said...

The gypsy look, like I need that top, haha. Gorgeous you :)) Love all three, you look spectacular :)) I'm just back on Instagram my dear, was off for a month - a month, haha. As my phone was getting fixed! But, now I'm back :))) Hope you are well & have a great week :) xxx

Uzo O said...

You make it so hard to chose,I love them all. Ok maybe the gypsy chic is my favourite becausr of the twist in the way you styled it.Beautiful dear,really beautiful.


Hi_D said...

I like look 1. I think that dress is so simple and fun.


Ladyofashion said...

White is great to wear, I don't wear much of it at all in summer or winter, but when i do I love it. Your look #1 and #2 are my favourites. You look amazing. xx/Madison
Jewelled Luxury 

Lital said...

I just visit your blog and have to say-

Girl! you are beautiful! ;)

love the pictures!



Jackie Harrison said...

Wow doll this is so cool and amazing of course you look beautifully perfect great outfit.

Lubka Christova said...

I love diverse pieces like this little number which you can wear in many different ways. Love your 3 ways to style up the same dress so differently!
Fabulous photos :)

Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

Paola said...

You have a great sense of style girl!!!!!!

I love the 3 different ways to wear the same dress!!!!!

Happy new week!!!

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Subha Bose said...

I love the gypsy look, it is trendy.

forarealwoman said...

Gorgeous dress! My favorite look is #3.

Jasmine x

For a Real Woman

So easy Spanish!

TheIndiansavage . said...

So amazing dress
It looks adorable on you babe
So lovely
The Indian Savage Diary Fashion blog

Missy May said...

What one can do with a simple dress huh!! Lovely... Really had to choose when you look gorgeous in all. You styled em pretty well!! Decisions Decisions.... :-)



I love the look in the middle. You look like a hot chica!

Beautetude said...

I love all three looks hun. I really like finding pieces I can use for different outfits.

Shannon said...

Wow! I love all the different ways you styled this!

Sue M. said...

All 3 looks are great!

paisleynotplaid said...

This is such a well done post...I love all three of the looks and they're all so different! I seriously can't choose a favorite. Absolutely love your blog.




Stella said...

I love them all! I can't say that I have a favorite! Every look suits you wonderfully! And you're so beautiful!!

♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

Sam @ Frills & Thrills said...

Love this post, its so inspiring and interesting to see 3 different ways to wear a white dress, adore all your ingenious stylings but the last one is my absolute fav, so chic! Thanks for your comment... Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

Pretty Pieces said...

I love the first look:)
Pretty Pieces

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

You show us, how variable a simple white dress is.You have such a great sense of style. I love all of these three outfits, but my favorite is one with the jeans.
Your smile at the 2. pictures is so beautiful. Have a nice day

Glenda Harrison said...

I agree. White is a must in my wardrobe as well. Love the boho look!

Chiemela Steve said...

All The looks are so great, am having difficulty making a choice


June said...

What a nice dress Busola! Loved all the ways you've styled it!

Keep in touch



Terri Shaw said...

I love the 3rd look the best. But all are great! Thank you for sharing.

Kim A. said...

Busola, that ice cream truck pic is the cutest girl! Rock it!


Kenya @ Kenya L Fashion Blog said...

Hmm.... I love them all but I just can't decide between 1 and 3... I think the ice cream truck photo wins me over! SO adorable!

xo, Kenya

Aileen O. said...

Such a versatile dress! My favorite has to be Gypsy Chic look, although I really love the photos taken in front of the ice cream truck. Those are super cute!


Busola Coutts said...

Aww, that is so sweet of you to say Dana. Thank you and i am always so happy to share.

I wish a brilliant week ahead as well :))

Style by Alina said...

Love all the looks, so beautiful in every single way Busola. Rock is girl!


Jackie said...

As always you look fabulous my dear, three great looks. I would wear all three of them.
xo, Jackie

Ivana Džidić said...

I love these kinds of posts...you really styled it perfectly...I do like all the outfits. If I had to choice one I would perhaps go for the first one just because it seems to scream summer to me...but the other two are also very very chic! It was a great idea to style it like a gypsy skirt...and it looks great with jeans as well!

rakhshanda said...

You make it so hard to chose,I love them all.But the gypsy look is amazing <3 kisses <3

Manasi said...

nice outfit


Diana Ashuayem said...

Love the first look but you look chic in all of them!!





Busola Coutts said...

You are so, so sweet. Thank you so much. Very humbling.

Bella Pummarola said...

Loved this post! The sweet&edgy look is my favorite!


Pinkoolaid said...

gorgeous looks :) perfect for summer season

Brandi Dawn said...

All beautiful but I do like the dress with flats the best!

wendy said...

Gorgeous look! But the first one is my fav! :) I love also the background :)


Marie Liv said...

Love your dress and the ice cream truck!



Follow LivRiot on Instagram!

Robin Hardeman said...

Three pretty styling choices, love the skirt and off the shoulder look, sexy! Gorgeous!

Mode Madison said...

Hey lovely. I absolutely love how you have rocked this dress in 3 ways. You know how much I love creativity and you have that special ability in putting pieces together and making it rock. What a style inspiration. Sovanny xx

Mode Madison said...

Btw Im so undecided about which look is best. Love them all

Style by Alina said...

You totally nailed all the looks babe. Very cute and summery. <3

xo, Alina

Elle berman said...

Busola, you know that is nearly impossible! They are all really great looks, i agree with you about white! If pushed, I would vote for 3, love the sweet+edgy look!

Your smile can light up a room!

Happy week!

XX, Elle


Shannon said...

I LOVE look 2, although you make all the looks desirable, so jealous ;)

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