Before i learned how to wear heels the first kind of shoes i mastered without even learning were flip flops.

There is really nothing i can possibly tell you today about flip flops that you don't already know, but what if they are sunkissed by uv rays? Yeah, i mean like the straps do change colors in sunlight. Fun, right? Then meet my pair of Calimojos- Color changing flip flops with great comfort. They are manufactured in Brazil and they come in the prettiest of colors. My pair is the Butterfly Pattern in pink and it is too cute :)). Totally inspired by the sun and the ocean breeze from Brazil to California. Cool!!

Growing up in the tropics, i wore them everyday to the beach, to play hide and seek or whatever trouble i could get myself into as kid. I still wear them today even at home. I have flip flops for outdoors and indoors. They travel with me anywhere and everywhere i go because you really can't trade comfort for anything else.
Calimojos Flip Flop

                                                            FLIP FLOPS by Calimojos

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