High waisyed shorts
The high waisted shorts are not just another summer hot sell this season, but one i would recommend to every female. They are so flattering and absolutely very stylish. Perfect with a crop top or even a sleeveless top like i have on in stripes.

The theme of my outfit was obviously inspired by the United States color and the 4th of July celebration. So this is for all of my friends, family and majority of my readers who happen to be Americans. The United States of America was my home for many,many years and i still have ties to the country which is why i decided at  the very last minute to shoot even though it was dark out. Thank you America and thank you all for your continued love and support.

Happy July 4th weekend!! Please be safe everyone.
                        TOP: Bluenotes // High Waisted Shorts: Bluenotes // Pumps: Marc Fisher

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