Overall Dress by Ali & Kris
The last time i wore an overall dress, it had nothing to do with fashion.

In junior high school we were made to wear plain green modest overall dresses as part of our school uniform but once we became seniors we had to switch to skirts. Being a school uniform, it had to be below the knees and definitely not hip hugging tight or pencil, but loose and A-lined. "Ugh, really?" We actually called it a pinafore and we wore a white blouse with it. Ever since my junior days, i have never looked back at overall dresses until now.

Although, i thought it was really cute, I was still not convinced about this floral print overall. I just couldn't see past how really childish it might look, especially on my petite self. All i could think of was how to style it to be more grown up or mature. Styling it with the tube crop top was my first attempt to mixing the cute in it with some edgy appeal of the crop top and heels. Boy, did i fall in love.... I guess, it is okay to give that sweet kiddie side in all of us a chance.
Overall Dress
Overall Dress
Overall Dress
Overall Dress
Cro[ Top by Sand and Sun
Overall Dress
Overall Dress by Avil and Kris
                                                    OVERALL DRESS: Ali & Kris , Similar
                                                    TUBE CROP TOP: Sand N Sun

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