Perfect Animal Print Maxi Dress
As i slowly transition the outfits in my closet to Fall friendly pieces in these last days of summer, i often find myself hanging onto those timeless pieces that could be worn for many days to come. Even if the layers come on, a statement piece like this animal print maxi dress will take me right through Fall while still looking stylish. It shows a lot of character, style and some glam. I styled it with a light sweater to keep the chills away, especially in the evenings but i can't deny the sweater appears to be very slimming and chic.

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Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
A Perfect Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
Animal Print Maxi Dress
         ANIMAL PRINT MAXI DRESS: H&M (Available Only In stores) // SWEATER: Stitches

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ANIMAL PRINT MAXI DRESS FOR DAYS ANIMAL PRINT MAXI DRESS FOR DAYS Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 8/27/2014 Rating: 5


francesca r said...

first of all let me say that I love leo prints!

Gorgeous maxidress, I love it styled with golden accessories!!!!

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Ivana Džidić said...

I love animal print! What a gorgeous maxi...and the cardi is really nice....something in this outfit reminds me of Halle Barry in the Flintstones...perhaps the animal print:) and the fact you look gorgeous and so hot!

Ann'so M. said...


Ann'so M

Nicky mywishstyle said...

wow sexy and pretty!
love animal prints!

Jackie Harrison said...

Very elegant and beautiful

Mahshid said...

Great outfit for fall if you live in warmer climates.
Could you please send some of that gorgeous sunshine over here to Vienna? ;)

Mahshid مهشید

Pooja Mittal said...

making the most of last summer days with the lovely maxi huuh :)

perfect transition outfit

u look grest girl

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alessia milanese said...

Lovely animalier dress! It's so cool!





Cvetina Cekova said...

Such a beautiful maxi dress! Look absolutely amazing on you! So fab and gorg!

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I love it with the cardigan. Lovely!

Aileen O. said...

Cheetah, is most definitely, the new black (yass girl yasss). I love the transitional summer to fall outfit and how I could easily head to my nearest HM and grab the look :)

Bella Pummarola said...

You're rocking leopard print like no one else! Love it!

Carmen Vecchio said...

beautiful dress!

DA said...

Too cute ! I have to get this dress

Portia said...

Gorgeous dress! Love the animal prints.


Subha Bose said...

Nice dress like the way you have paired it with jacket.

lauriedamrose said...

I love that dress.

Ladyofashion said...

You look wonderful! A dress like this will definitely transition into fall. I wear pretty uch every season all year round, lol. :)/Madison
Seasoned Versatility // Berlin Style

Style by Alina said...

Gorgeous look babe! I could never pull this off but you look amazing!

xo, Alina

Lenya said...

Busola you look divine. Love this elegant look on you. Amazing clutch! Looks like you have gorgeous weather.
kisses darling

Mag KP said...

Great look Busola. I love animal prints and this dress is just amazing. Very sexy and chic at the same time. Love it!

Missy May said...

You're wearing this dress lady! So elegant and ladylike. The dress is comfy yet so timeless. :)

Annick said...

you're looking fabulous!

Kurves said...

I love this dress on you. This is my second comment on this post.

Kim A. said...

You're rocking that dress Busola! Looks great on you!

Rachel Andrews said...

Love maxi dresses! They are always too long on me!

Karen Jaras said...

Love the maxi dresses, at 6'1" tall it is one of a few looks I can pull of.

Olivia Aimes said...

Such a lovely dress!

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