Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Talk about rocker chic meets boho chic.

If you have a metallic gold skirt or pair of metallic gold pants, stop whatever it is you are doing right now and pair it with the simplest top in your closet then see the magic happen. For the love of me, i searched for a perfect shade of caramel maxi skirt to pair with this light and simple gypsy top for a bohemian look but couldn't find one. Then i spotted this metallic gold pants in H&M and everything changed. I knew the top needed to be styled with a bottom that will bring the top to life and this pair of metallic gold pants couldn't have been a better choice. The shine, the fit, the cut, the texture- Perfection! It immediately lightens up the top that could have otherwise been a bit too simple. May i just apologize in advance because you will be seeing this pair of  pants very soon again. The pants are just so rocker chic i can't wait to show you a couple of other ways  i get to style it, especially as we approach Fall.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Gypsy Top
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants and Gypsy Top

 The cool thing about a gypsy top is the fact that you can wear it as an off shoulder top too!

Perfect Metallic Gold Pants

 Hahaha, no, i wasn't twerking... I promise.
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
Perfect Metallic Gold Pants
   TOP: Whisper, Similar // METALLIC GOLD PANTS (Available only in stores): H&M // HEELS: Express

Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.

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Kurves said...

I love this look on you and those pants are a must have. I will be on the hunt for a pair very soon.

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

oh wow... that pants!


I totally agree with you, it is magical!

Style by Alina said...

This is so hot babe! Love the look and the metallic pants are to die for. Beautiful as always!

xo, Alina

Jackie Harrison said...

Looking fabulous beauty like the outfit.

Missy May said...

I like the fit of the pants and also how you paired it with a volume blouse. Great balance and beautiful. :)

Iona said...

Your dimples are lovely! BTW, I'm feelin' those trousers :)

Lizzy said...

the pants are really amazing! you look stunning!

lauriedamrose said...

Nice outfit.

Nicky mywishstyle said...

the metallic pants are so special, never seen in this color.
pretty look and cool outfit

Pooja Mittal said...

totally love metallics but vey scared to wear them , but now i am going to give them a shot .. u look chic, ilovve the color of your pants

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Ivana Džidić said...

you really wear them so well!

Lenya said...

Amazing pants Busola, you look hot hot hot.

Christie Herrera said...

Nice blog, love your pants and the pics, you look so pretty.


Kurves said...

Wowza. . .too hott to handle and I love it all.

Natasha B said...

Those pants are all that! You look amazing. Beautiful photos as usual. xo

melody said...


Kurves said...

I left two comments on this post about how darn good you look and I do not see them. Please let me know what happened.

Kurves said...

Where are my comments on your blog?

Lubka Christova said...

The last two photos are so funny! :)
I saw this outfit on IG and it's just so cool. Loving the chic blink xx


KizzyDoll said...

You look awesome doll, love the pants :) xx

Milu said...

This metallic pants are so adorable!!! I also love the top you paired it up! isn't it amazing how sometimes we are looking for something specific and then we find something that works even better! really love this outfit and the last picture of you doing a squad haha


Kurves said...

I left two comments here yesterday and I do not see them. Do you know what happened? Please tell me. . .

francesca r said...

H&M? When?? I just placed an order on their on line store and didn't see them!! OMG they are so gorgeous!

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Donna Louise said...

These are totally fab metallic pants! x

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Mag KP said...

Metallic pants are great But even more interesting is the whole combination with the gypsy top. You look fantastic.

Hannah's Heels said...

omg! metallic pants, are you kidding?? ive been wanting them FOR EVER!!! and its H&Ms?? Going there right now!

Thank you for your lovely comment!

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Diana Ashuayem said...

These pants are fab!! Love how you styled it!!

lauriedamrose said...

I like the necklace you picked out also.

Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing pics, amazing look amazing pants.... I really love this outfit!!!!!!

Ciao bellissima!!!

Couture Trend said...

Troppo belli questi pantaloni

Cultureandtrend Blog

Joan M. Cora said...

Amazing Pant!! Love this look... Looking stunning as usual!!!


newmoon330 said...

I love those pants! You have got style!

Chocolate Rose Style said...

I loveee this OUTFIT!

Nuresha Perera said...


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