Toronto Habourfront Events
I see beauty in the most unexpected things and also in the most random things. My weekend inspiration comes from the "thrills and frills" that i captured with my camera in these last days of summer.
Toronto Habourfront Events
This was one of the summer events at The Harbourfront in Toronto. Beautiful dancers in a very rich and gorgeous outfit. Culture is beautiful!
Toronto Habourfront Events

I was just walking by when i saw some folks taking wedding photos. Suddenly i stopped dead in steps when the color theme of the wedding outfits got my attention. So i went closer to get a better view. This is one of those moments where i stop and ask myself who really makes the wedding rules? How did the mother of the bride's outfit outshine the bride's? I am sure it was unintentional. Although, the bride looked flawlessly beautiful and so did everyone else but mama stole the show. By the way, the bride's mom was wearing an all black ensemble. I fell in love with her dress instantly. This was a case of, "Black is really beautiful". I couldn't help myself because i just kept taking shots of the mom's outfit. It was a beautiful surprise and a very unusual trend you don't see at weddings very often and  not a lot of people can pull off the black for wedding look. Well mama looked amazing!
Inspirations: Real Weddings
The bride's mom is on the left and the groom's mom is on the right. Perfect way to wear black for a wedding.
Inspirations: Real Weddings
Inspirations: Real Weddings

A fashion boutique on the go, spotted on Queens Street West, Toronto. It is called Mala Boutique and they go from place to sell to people. What they do is tweet where they'll be for the day, from what time to what time. I also found out they host events for girlfriends. I think this is such a brilliant business idea....i may have to steal this idea one day..hehehe.

Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.

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Cissy Zhang said...

Love all the amazing dresses. What beautiful embroidery and colors!
Have a lovely weekend!

xx Cissy
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Busola Coutts said...

Absolutely! Thank you Cissy :)

Mrs FF said...

Beautiful! And yes sadly the bride's mom stole the show! I find culture intriguing - imagine the comments you would get if you wore black to a wedding back home .

francesca r said...

I like breaking the rules! The mom looks great in black!

Ivana Džidić said...

Yes, you're right! The mum totally stole the show! My mum looked so lovely on my wedding day...but she didn't wear a long dress ( actually I also never wear long dresses or gowns on weddings because I don't want to outshine the bride) I should really share some photos of my wedding on my blog but I always forget...Well,at least I'm not as bad as hubby who didn't see our wedding tape yet! (though, I must confess I saw only half of it..)

You're a great photographer! I absolutely love those weddings photos, they look professional:)---mine wedding pics weren't as good....many wedding photographers work within a frame, afraid to try sth new...that was the case with mine, I'm afraid....

To tell you the truth, I sth get tired of weddings. I attend one every month and in April I had to attend 4 of them...sth if they are close family I also have to help out and prepare food and stuff....don't get me wrong, I like those getting together occasions, family meetings, festivals, social events and weddings---but when you have so many ( and weddings are quite different where I am from, they last all day and night, sometimes even for days and nights)...and almost all of the weddings I attended this year were on my husband's behalf and hence a few times those of people I don't know so well.

Culture is beautiful....I agree! Those dancers are just a vision of elegance! I do love Asian dancers and their culture...so full of otherworldly elegance and beauty!

Recently I attended a wedding of a son of a dance choreographer ( he is an art director of Saint Antony's folkore association here ...i.e. Croatian folklore dances instructur) and I was so amazed when all the guests started dancing these really fabulous folklore dances! You cannot image how cool it looked!!!! I never managed to learn properly Croatian dancers, they're so difficult...though generally I'm a good dancer, those folklore ones are so complicated...and why you must be crazy fit for them! all those jumping....

Marianna De Luca said...

Amazing pics!




Nicky mywishstyle said...

Lovely wedding-looks!

tr3ndygirl.com said...

very beautiful event,great pics

OrigamiGirl said...

Wow, you are right. The mother of the bride totally rocked it. It's great though, you can tell she was totally on board for the occasion and enjoying glamming it up.

lauriedamrose said...

That looked like a lot of fun,the truck was cool to.

Missy May said...

Beautiful images! I want that black lace number the lady on the left got on. OH MYYY...STUNNING! :)



Beautiful post!

Abenaya Fox said...

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