Bearpaw Shoes
If you have never dipped your feet in silky sweet softness and walked on clouds at the same time, then take it from me, you are missing out.

Bearpaw is no stranger to most shoe lovers, especially most of my readers and to continue with my love for comfort, i am featuring a pair of their Octavia.

This pair is a pure necessity for me right now because with the cold weather lately, the wool blend inner lining sweetly cushions my feet and keeps them warm all at the same time. I do like my high heels but i am all about comfortable flats or slip ons when they are needed. Running errands in heels is okay, but there are moments i need to take a break from those heels and switch to a pair of comfortable flats (It is also good for my knees). The good thing is, they are perfect enough to throw in my bag. Besides, i do have my days when i just want to dress more laid back, such as, wearing a pair of denim pants, tank top layered under my sweater and then slip right into a pair of flats.

With the awesome soles, this pair serves perfectly for both indoor and outdoor, and i couldn't be happier.
Bearpaw Shoes
Red on red and candy stripes
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Shoes by Bearpaw
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Red on Red and Candy Stripes
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Red on Red and Candy Stripes
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
 Getting caught up in the moment....
Octavia shoes by Bearpaw
                                                              SHOES (Octavia) by Bearpaw

Thank you all for stopping by. Now your comments.

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Missy May said...

Oh i need this shoe for work - gosh looks so comfy! :) Lady in red!

Rosa Caruso said...

I follow you...

Jackie Harrison said...

Cool outfit you look chic


I love it.

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

You're looking cute and all... gosh I hate you!!! hahahaha...
again, your smile is your best accessories!

elle said...

The shoes look divinely comfortable .love the red on you and the stripe sweater really pops, but what I truly appreciate is that movie star face and smile. I just know there is nice person in there!
You rock!
XX, Elle

Pooja Mittal said...

the shoes sound like a dream to walk onn

u look fab in all red

keep in touch

Nikola Holková said...

I love the red It looks great on you :) always pleasure to visit your blog :)

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Ivana Džidić said...

wonderul pair of shoes and they surely look comfortable! You look amazing dear Rena! The red suits you so well...and this outfit is just perfect!

Bella Pummarola said...

They look so cozy and comfy! Love that fluffy lining :)

Pinkoolaid said...

the shoes look so comfy and cute <3

desola mako said...

loving this outfiy, plus the shoes look super comfy and i like that its in nude.

monika berdnik said...

Love this colors, you look so cute,
have a great weekend :)

Stella said...

You look gorgeous!! You're so beautiful and I love how you always play with colors! I once owned Bearpaw boots and loved them! Your loafers look so comfy and cuddly!! Love them!

♘ ♘

francesca r said...

They must be outregeously comfortable!! I like the way you have styled them! I shousl buy Bearpaws too! I even like the name!

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Kelpa Raza said...

I love your pictures dear. The colour combo is so fab. It looks super cute on you.

alessia milanese said...

love these shoes, they seem truly comfortable! and love the red jumpsuit too!





Маргарита Рафинад said...

Great post! So inspiring!

Would you like to follow each other? Let me know.

Maggie from

Jessica Neumann said...

Funny photos, love the look

Cultureandtrend Blog

Mag KP said...

Funny post dear. And you look so fantastic without sunglasses!

A Million Pinks said...

You look so cute! Love it!

Cissy Zhang said...

Stunning! Love the colors and prints!

xx Cissy
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Kim A. said...

you look awesome in red busola! those shoes look comfy and stylish.

GlamFizz said...

You look beautiful! Looks like you had a lot of fun!
Victoria | GlamFizz
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Carmen Vecchio said...

so beautiful shoes!


Lorietta said...

I love the striped sweater! it's so playful!♥

Ola said...

CooL ! :)

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