Wedding Guest Outfit: Dress by Chaps via Kohl's
I made you all wait for this post and i promise you there is a good reason why.

So i told you all i attended a wedding during Labor Day weekend and yes, it was so much fun. After deliberating on what to wear for too long i decided on a knee length textured dress- A foil empire dress by Chaps via Kohl's. The only problem was, they didn't have my size. It was two sizes bigger than my actual size, but i ordered it anyway. I planned to have it adjusted to my size, but i already knew i was so short of time. Well, luckily the dress came just a couple of days before the wedding, but i was so scared of adjusting it. Why?

-I didn't want to take the risk of ruining the original beauty of the dress.
-I didn't want to to take chances and then the dress might end up not being ready in time.

I had a backup dress, but i really wanted to wear this dress. The wedding was a late afternoon wedding with a late night party to follow and i knew it will be a perfect dress from day to night. Anyway, long story short, i wore the dress the way it was to the wedding, but when we came back to Toronto, i had it taken in a little bit and cut short. Love the new length and fit, but looking at the photos side by side, it almost makes me wish i didn't. Eeeek!!
Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's
Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's
Wedding guest outfit: Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's
Wedding guest outfit: Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's
Wedding guest outfit: Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's
Wedding guest outfit: Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's

 This is what the original dress looked like before adjusting it......
Wedding guest outfit: Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's

I know it is too late now, but i still like the dress short regardless. You be the judge-  Better long or short?

                                                  Before                                               After
Wedding guest outfit: Foil Empire Dress by Chaps via Kohl's
FOIL EMPIRE DRESS (Sold Out): Chaps via Kohl's // HEELS: Exchange by Charles David

Ciao everyone and thank you so much for stopping by!!

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Ladyofashion said...

This is a lovely wedding guest dress. Completely appropriate and beautiful! I love the silvery style with the orange shoes!
The Animal Kingdom

Ivana Džidić said...

in my opinion with your legs- the shorter is always the better! Yes, the dress looks lovely both way, but why not show what you've got?;)

I like the colour of the dress...silver- so lovely! The cut is great for you and I've said what I had about the length....Anyhow, you look fantastic in it!

Mrs FF said...

Stunning! Stunning!! Stunning!!!
I can't even decide! I love the short dress and I love the longer length! Though the fit of the shorter one definitely shots you better !!! Nice dress and you make it look even nicer!

Natalie Harris said...

I love the look! The color of your dress is great and I'm loving the pop of orange in the shoes!!

Jackie Harrison said...

Great color you look amazing I bet you got some attention with that dress all good ones

monika berdnik said...

You look wonderful, love the dress :)

Missy May said...

Great feminine dress and it compliment you so well. I like both length. :) Have a good weekend!

Uzo O said...

You know , that stuff scares me a lot , so many times i want something so badly that even though my size isn't available i pick up the next size after that and the fear of having it amended by a tailor gets to me because i don't know if it will come back looking ridiculous on me. But really your tailor did a good job because i love the dress and the way you styled it , Sophisticated chic!

Stella said...

Hmm. Well, this is really difficult! I think both cuts are great. It was the better pick when you went to the wedding but now you have a party dress, right? No matter what you look gorgeous — in both variants. So don't worry, the dress is awesome ^_^

♘ ♘


Keep it short, please. I like it like that.

Lenya said...

Actually I love both cuts Busola and you look great wearing both, I suppose it depends on the event you wanna wear it for, long for the wedding, short for a hot date night out ;)

tia_cherie said...

So classy and gorgeous, I absolutely adore the shoes.

elle said...

Love the dress, my preference is for the shorter ...
Great nuetral color and lovely textures, with the bag, too!
XX, Elle

Marianna De Luca said...

Lovely dress!


KizzyDoll said...

Really beautiful outfit, stunning xx

Lubka Christova said...

Wow, that is so interesting :)
To be honest - I do prefer how the dress fits you after the fixing. It is nice indeed at a longer length, but not as nice as when it's just above the knee and better fitted around your waist.
Well done for adjusting is all I can say !! :)

Lu |

Ann'so M. said...

Great outfit!!!
Ann'so M

beautycindy2002 said...

After look so good

Style by Alina said...

Both dresses look beautiful and classy on you, but I also like the shorter version better. You're totally working that beautiful smile with the shorter version, so I'm sold! <3

xo, Alina

francesca r said...

this dress is perfect for a wedding, now it seems to suit you very well!

You look stunning!

Don't Call
Me Fashion Blogger



Paola said...

The long version is so classy, but the short one is very cool.... I love both!!!!
Kisses honey!

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Bella Pummarola said...

I love both versions, but they look like two completely different dresses haha :) Pairing it with the orange pumps was a great idea!

Kim A. said...

I love the adjustments you made to the dress Busola! Looked spectacular on you!

Elena Miroslava Cuesta Rodrígu said...

The dress is preciosoy and it looks great. It is a very pretty dress you've combined to perfection.

wendy said...

gorgeous dress! <3


A Million Pinks said...

love the shoes and clutch!

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