In Best Of Loose Foundations: 30 Shades Of Urban Minerals But I'll Try 4
The beauty of thinking you may have found "The One" only to find out later there are many others just as perfect or even better, sure does exist. Yes, i am talking makeup right now, what were you thinking?

I found out about Urban Minerals, a toronto based makeup brand, and as you all know i love supporting our local brands a lot. Well, i was definitely curious about the 30-color palette for every race, colour and ethnicity.  

What it is supposed to do? Well, this line of natural loose mineral foundation is made from herbal and botanical ingredients, aiming to restore and sooth imperfections from harmful chemicals caused by toxic mainstream brands. The custom and diverse collection promises to deliver the right shade for your skin tone, reflecting the true diverse multiculturalism represented on the streets of Toronto. Haa, i do know about the huge and very beautiful diversity here in Toronto. #loveit

Impressive concept, right? Anyway, i had four samples of the Urban Minerals Loose Foundation sent to me to try and boy, i was blown away! Let me first say this, the founder Sarah Devika, who blogs on the same website had me at, "When i first went to university after high school, i had no idea what to do." You really need to read the rest of her story here and i assure you, many of you can relate just like i did. After flipping through her website for a while, i knew i had to share. Thank goodness, her products are just as amazing as she sounds.

I very rarely wear foundation because i am such a powder kinda girl. So i was stoked to find out these were loose foundations. Out of the four: a. Radiate b. Heat Island c. Keeping It Classy d. Fresh To Death that was sent to me, based on my skin tone, i would say, "Keeping It Classy" was my favorite and i immediately started wearing it in some of outfit shoots. Some of you may not have noticed the difference in some of my photos, but i did. The foundation has a way of blending so flawlessly into your skin. It makes my face light up, it is super smooth, rich and of great quality.
In Best Of Loose Foundations: 30 Shades Of Urban Minerals But I'll Try 4
 From left to right: 1. Radiate 2. Heat Island 3. Keeping It Classy 4. Fresh To Death

In this photo below, i am wearing "Keeping It Classy" loose foundation alone (no face powder) on a sunny day or more with the sunlight shining directly on my face :).
In Best Of Loose Foundations: 30 Shades Of Urban Minerals But I'll Try 4

Also wearing it here while sitting in a shaded area (under a tree) :).
In Best Of Loose Foundations: 30 Shades Of Urban Minerals But I'll Try 4

Wearing "Radiate" loose foundation alone (no powder) outdoors on a typical Fall day- Grey gloomy weather kind of day (No sunlight at all).
In Best Of Loose Foundations: 30 Shades Of Urban Minerals But I'll Try 4

Since "Fresh To Death" was too too light for my skin tone, i thought i might try it on as an eye shadow. Ssssh!
In Best Of Loose Foundations: 30 Shades Of Urban Minerals But I'll Try 4

I love makeup and after so many years of trying out so many brands out there, i have learned with time, it is important to always stick with wearing what is right for my skin and of course suits my color tone better.  Let's face it, clothes and shoes i may return or exchange, but i can't do that with my skin. So why don't we start this coming New Year right with some flawless  looks. I have tried very many, but i can confidently tell you this loose foundations are one of the bests i have ever tried. 

To find out more about or purchase some of the Urban Minerals products from their 30 shades of loose foundation, visit their website on
They can also be forund on Instagram and Twitter 

Thank you all for stopping by. Now you may share your thoughts.



Jackie Harrison said...

The shades are pretty great tutorial.

monika berdnik said...

Awesome post, I`ve having such troubles finding the right shade,
I will definitely check out that website,
thanks for sharing :)

elisa said...

Your Make up is perfect dear ! Have a nice time

Elle berman said...

Love it, on your skin and eyelids. You always looks so effervescent, I did not think you could be improved upon.

I love you in all of those looks, especially the last one in the tomato red pants and perfect beanie. You look so happy, and gorgeous, um, just goes without saying,

XX, Elle

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Keeping it class look like the ONE!

Pooja Mittal said...

the powder foundations look quite promisinf, never heard of the brand, will chekc the website out now

Keep in touch

Ladyofashion said...

Gorgeous outfits dear. Yes, you prob can use the other foundations on your eyelids or for contouring, etc.
The Darkest Days

Marianna De Luca said...

Lovely post :D




KizzyDoll said...

These powders look amazing, never heard of them before. You look stunning as always, such radiant skin :))) Have a stunning week beauty xx

desola mako said...

looks so good on you busola, i love.x

Jonathan Zegbe said...

I don't know nothing about make-up , but I know that you always look so radiant.

you'r a beauty :-)

have a nice day

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Greets Jon

Missy May said...

These are great foundations. Flawless! :)

Lenya said...

They all look beautiful on you Busola.


I was totally thinking about the other one, as in plenty of fish in the sea kind of one. Finding a great powder is hard, especially loose ones. Good for you, my friend.


Stop following me, Lenya!

Adjoa said...

Beautiful! Who would have thought that you were using foundation as eye-shadow!? It worked out!

Thy Bliss Calls

A Very Sweet Blog said...

it shows. i require more coverage, but if i could i would.

Kurves said...

So, is Radiate your pick. It seem to be a perfect match for you. I need tons of concealer so this may not be a good option for me. But will check them out. You look lovely and those dimples are de ting. . . .

idu said...

Your face looks absolutely flawless in both products. Comes across as giving good coverage while staying light weight and matte. Using the lighter shade as a shadow was ingenious, love that. I'll check them out.

Busola Coutts said...

Why am i not surprised you totally get it. You are know a lot a mkeup and you are the pro :)). Thank you so much.

Busola Coutts said...

"Keeping It Classy" is my pick. It is more of a perfect fit with my skin tone even though they all have a pretty long staying power. You know what, concealers are one thing i should try wearing every now and then. I'll have to try it with these foundations.

Thank you so much!

Busola Coutts said...

Aww, thank you Kim :)).

Busola Coutts said...

Hahaha, trying to improvise. Thank you sweets :)

Busola Coutts said...

Hahaha, oh you! I know finding a perfect loose foundation is hard and even when you think you found the one, you realize there are still some better stuff out there for you.

Thank you so much Nerline.

Busola Coutts said...

Thank you so much Lenya :)

Busola Coutts said...

Hahaha,. Yo are funny Nerline.

Lenya said...

I was first Missy! You just said that because you don't want to part with that awesome necklace ;) from now on Missy I'll stalk you, so watch out girl............booh!

Aileen O. said...

As Beyonce says, you're looking #flawless. It's pretty awesome seeing young ladies doing their own thing and making moves, looks like the owner has a great career ahead of herself too :)

Jade Deschamps said...

great tutorial

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