One of the many things that fascinate me about resort towns or areas is the colorful villas you see everywhere. I have seen bright pink, yellow, green, orange, to name a few. This particular building in blue and white stands alone by itself on a small piece of land and it really got my attention. Simply because the building itself looked so well kept from the outside, but  unfortunately you can't go in. It is permanently locked and i thought it was creepy cute. Quite frankly, it inspired me to shoot this outfit right there.

I am sure we can all use a few days away from the cold weather just about now, stretched out on a warm beautiful Caribbean Island sipping on whatever drink does it for you. Mine is Coca Cola. While i have you thinking about it, i would suggest you don't forget throwing in a mix of some few prints and patterned outfits while packing your vacation outfits in excitement. There is something about prints and patterned outfits that go beautifully well with the tropics or the Islands and i thought this matching outfit will do me some good here. While i do spend a lot of time at the villa (home), i also find this to be a great fit for a resort look. So many fun events happen on the Islands here and this will comfortably work from day to night easily. Boy, did i tell you how hot is here!
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AT THE VILLA IN MATCHING PRINTS AT THE VILLA IN MATCHING PRINTS Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 1/11/2015 Rating: 5
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